Kostiantyn Meladze's daughter suffered psychological trauma because her father left the family


February 23, 2022, 18:36 | Culture

How Konstantin Meladze's betrayal with Vera Brezhneva affected his children.

Kostyantyn Meladze's daughter suffered psychological trauma because her father left the family

The youngest daughter of composer Kostyantyn Meladze suffered a serious psychological trauma when he left home. The showman left the beautiful Yana Summ, who gave birth to three children, for the ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group. Vera Brezhneva. The heiress Liya was able to forgive her father's betrayal only recently, Ukr.Media informs.

"It had a strong effect on my psyche. When you don't quite understand what can upset you, what can make you angry. Our whole family is quite anxious. “I just always expected something bad to happen,” the girl admitted.

Liya Meladze said that her abandoned mother kept her composure until the end. Sum reassured the children, noting that none of them would stop communicating with their star dad: adult relationships always remain between adults, and if someone divorces, the heirs should not suffer. Mom's wise words helped the girl cope with her feelings.

"Mom made it clear: when parents get divorced, children don't get divorced. I wanted them to be happy… " – said Leah longingly.

The realization that not everything is as bad as it seems came to the girl years after her parents' separation. She recalled that with her, mother never cried, was never sad, and father always tried to support and was in touch.

"I could come to him at any time. “There was never a moment when I didn't feel abandoned,” concluded Liya Meladze.

In addition to the girl, the famous composer also paid maximum attention to her older sister Alisa and younger brother Valerian, who was born with autism spectrum disorder.


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