Kraven: this new Marvel production may disappoint Spider-Man fans

Kraven: this new Marvel production may disappoint Spider-Man fans

Produced by Sony, this new movie seems a far cry from the original comics and villain hunter aficionados. We take stock.

After Venom and Morbius, it's Kraven the Hunter's turn to have his own movie stand alone< /em>. That is to say, a film derived from the Marvel franchise where he is the only star. For laymen, this is another villain of Spider-Man. A hunter, as his name suggests, dangerous and bloodthirsty who gives the Weaver a hard time. Well, at least in the comics. Because in the future adapted film… That's another story.

Kraven could very clearly disappoint Spider-Man fans. The production has decided to move away from the violent side of the character for something more… Sweet, shall we say. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Kraven (and Quicksilver in Avengersbut that's another story), spoke about the villain's personality in the upcoming movie: “He's a animal lover and nature protector. He's a very, very cool character.It's hard to imagine Kraven as a sympathetic environmental activist when you know the comics and the animated series of the 90s.

Sony, villain saboteur?

It wouldn't be the first time that Sony Studios has decided to change the character traits of Spider-Man's antagonists in their films. Already Venom, in 2018, presented the most vicious of bad-guy in a rather nice hero. A heresy. This year, Morbius, another Spider-Man villain, was shown as a sympathetic scientist battling his disease (and the forces of evil) rather than a bloodthirsty vampiric ghoul. The recent Internet memes that trolled the film even allowed a re-release in American theaters which was a new commercial failure. Just like the original release a few months earlier. With the shift in focus for Kraven, Sony seems to be making a strong case for sabotaging Spider-Man's fantastical gallery of supervillains. Or at least, to remix them in their own way to make them nice antiheroes. We want to conclude with a slogan worthy of PETA… When will the slaughter stop?

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