Kris Jenner carefully controls the finances of daughter Kylie


    Kris Jenner keeps a close eye on finances Kylie's daughter

    At 24, Kylie Jenner owns her own cosmetics brand and a billion dollar fortune.

    Mother of two dollar billionaires and several millionaires, Kris Jenner controls the finances of her youngest daughter Kylie. This is reported by Page Six.

    The main reason for distrust of her daughter was Kylie's recent purchase of a private jet for $72 million (over 2 billion hryvnia).

    “Kylie spends a lot. After

    Kris Jenner asks Kylie to be more responsible and invest funds.

    “However, Kylie is 24 years old, she has her own brand, and she does what she wants,” says the insider.

    In particular, the young businesswoman spends about $ 300 million on clothes every month and owns several mansions in the USA.

    However, some insiders note that the smallest of the Kardashian clan is very responsible for the money she earns.

    In February 2022, Kylie Jenner became a mother for the second time. She and American rapper Travis Scott had a son, Wolf (Wulf), whom they later renamed Knight (Knight).


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