Krzysztof Ibisz spoke frankly about his third marriage. Valuable words were uttered by the Polsat star that will shut the mouths of critics


The presenter told what was behind his decision to marry third. Everything is clear now.

 Krzysztof Ibisz honestly spoke about his third marriage. The Polsat star said valuable words that will shut the mouths of critics

Krzysztof Ibisz has had a great time in his private life recently. Last year, he married Joanna Kudzbalska, and the couple recently announced that they are expecting a child. It will be the third consolation of the presenter and the first model.

Initially, however, many people were incredulous about the decisions of the Polsat star, recognizing that he was experiencing a midlife crisis, especially because he had a significant age difference with his chosen one. It is twenty-seven years.

Portal & ldquo; Super Express & rdquo; However, he reports that Krzysztof Ibisz is very happy and he honestly spoke about his marriage in the last interview, praising this state very much.

The presenter confirmed that it was love at first sight and he immediately knew that the model is a person with whom he wants to connect his future. The same cannot be said of his partner, who needed more time and had to propose three times. Now one is very happy.

& ldquo; I really love being a husband. For example, someone says he had three wives, but there are people who have ten informal relationships at the same time. So it doesn't mean anything & rdquo; & ndash; Krzysztof Ibisz responded to the critical comments pointing to the facts about other people's relationships.

Gwiazdor still believes that the marriage is fantastic even despite two previous unsuccessful marriages with Anna Zajdler and Anna Nowak-Ibisz.

Do you agree?

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