Krzysztof Jackowski asked from this year's winter. What will it be in 2022 and 2023


A clairvoyant from Człuchów asked in the middle of summer for a forecast for the winter. What he said?

 Krzysztof Jackowski asked since this year's winter. What will it be like in 2022 and 2023

Krzysztof Jackowski, active on social media platforms, constantly maintains contact with his viewers and listeners.

A clairvoyant from Człuchów surprised in the middle of summer about a forecast for this winter

By running his channel on the YouTube platform, he shares his visions and feelings about the future. Live broadcasts are abundantly available on the web.

His main specialty is finding missing wasps or objects, and with numerous successes, he can be sure that a large group of people trust him immensely. Therefore, in the middle of a hot summer, Krzysztof Jackowski was asked about the forecast for this year's winter.

As we could see, many of Krzysztof Jackowski's forecasts and predictions came true with great accuracy, which also applies to forecasting the weather even for several months to forward.

When asked about the coming winter, he honestly admitted that he had not thought about it yet, but for now he is able to say that he senses a short winter incident in 2022 and in 2023 in the year it will be rainy and not too long – I didn't think about it. First hunch? This year's winter will be short. I'm talking about this year, 2022, not January, not February 2023. I'm talking about the end of 2022. There will be some form of winter there. Overall winter will be so moderate. It will be more rainy this year. ; they are loud in the media at the moment.


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