Krzysztof Jackowski recalled his fulfilled prophecies. What he was saying was no longer an unwanted theory


Krzysztof Jackowski is by far the most famous clairvoyant in Poland, whose visions and predictions are more or less accurate.

 Krzysztof Jackowski recalled his fulfilled prophecies. What he said is no longer an unwanted theory

Therefore, the man still has his hands full. Professionally, he deals, among other things, with the search for missing people, which is why he helped those close to the late Piotr Woźniak-Starak find his body.

In one of the latest visions, which he shared with his viewers and listeners on the YouTube platform, he returned to the visions from a year ago and older, reminding him that, unfortunately, all of them have come true.

Now analyzing the situation in country, stated that we are being served crisis and inflation more and more boldly, and despite the fact that many see the total absurdity of all this, the rulers do not face general social opposition.

What awaits us in July and August?

He also mentioned his vision for July and August this year. He stated that these months could be crucial for the course of the war. He announced the coming of a sudden drop in value on stock exchanges, the unleashing of even greater financial chaos regarding a specific part of the world.

He admitted that the European Union would again decide to introduce restrictive rules that have ruined our country, among others. The clairvoyant pointed out that in the confusion related to currency problems, a temporary means of payment will be introduced, which citizens will not want to accept as the current currency.

Krzysztof Jackowski also saw in his vision a crowd holding burning candles . He stated that it was to be related to one or more people who had died as a result of some form of attack – Great funeral in the European Union […]. Candles are full, people are lighting candles. I don't know if it will be about one person or more. It reminds me in a political form. It will be compared with some kind of assassination or it will be some form of assassination.

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