Krzysztof Jackowski warns us against what may scare us. “Don't leave your places of residence”

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Another vision of Krzysztof Jackowski gives you goose bumps.

 Krzysztof Jackowski warns us against things that may scare us.

All because of the accuracy of his predictions and the fact that things that really affect our lives are happening in front of our eyes.

“You have to be reasonable”

The current situation and what the rulers have been preparing for us from next year effectively put us in a state of permanent fear for ourselves and our loved ones. The prospect of the changes announced by the government is a dream for all those who want to preserve their civil liberties.

That is why Krzysztof Jackowski has gained such a huge viewership of his channel on YouTube, where he shares with viewers and listeners with your feelings and visions.

From the very beginning of introducing the world into a pandemic aura, the clairvoyant from Człuchów informs us about a plan that has been implemented for a long time and has been successively implemented. For many months, he has been informing about the next stages of the scenario, according to which we have to lose everything we have, including human rights.

His latest live broadcast has brought another vision, according to which he felt the chaos approaching our country may cause panic and irrational behavior in us. He called for common sense and not to leave their homes.

“Something is going to spill out. Something hot”

He mentioned contradictory information about local outbursts, something vague and dense floating in the air, but he noted that it was not about Poland, but perhaps about the population eastern border. All this makes the Internet reports of the fire brigade in Poland supplied with Lugol's liquid even more likely.

One morning we will find out about an explosion in a facility. Or maybe two or three outbursts. First, it will be contradictory information, but then it will be confirmed. I think that something thick and yellow will rise into the air – he warns, adding that due to military activities, energy problems may arise.

source : YouTube/JASNOWIDZ Krzysztof Jackowski Official

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