Ksenia Popova from “VIA Gra” was worried about casting from Meladze

A new member of VIA Gra, Ksenia Popova, who was liked by many not only for her bright appearance, but also for her style of behavior, told Katya Osadchey in the program “Svitske Life” about the casting for the group.

Source: showbiz.fakty.ua

According to Xenia, she heard about the recruitment in the month of May and immediately sent her video. The girl was sure that they would answer her. Konstantin Meladze himself called the future actress.

“We just talked. I sang to him. He looked at me, took a few photos, ” – this is how Ksenia answered the question of how the casting went.

“I sang, but I sang to him. He liked me as a singer, ” Popova clarified.

She also said that while working in the entertainment industry, she learned the entire repertoire of VIA Gra and knew all the songs while going to the casting.

Photo: instagram.com/xseniyapopova

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