Kuba Wojewódzki is celebrating its 59th birthday. On this occasion, he showed off a unique photo


Kuba Wojewódzki celebrates his birthday.

 Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki celebrates his 59th birthday. On this occasion he showed off a unique photo

According to the portal” Wirtualna Polska “, Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki celebrates his 59th birthday. birthday. On this occasion, he shared a photo with a baby online. Some time ago, the king of TVN announced that he would become a father. The identity of his partner is still a mystery, unlike his former girlfriends. Do you remember who Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki met with?

All the women of Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki

One of the most famous partners of Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki was actress Anna Mucha. The couple started dating in 2003 and have been together for four years. Though their relationship did not survive the test of time, they did manage to maintain a friendly relationship and even joke that they were together again.

 Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki is celebrating his 59th birthday. On this occasion he showed a unique photo

In 2008 Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki got involved with the model and actress Katarzyna Sowińska . They both eagerly showed themselves in public, going to industry events together. Unfortunately, they only had enough love for a few months together.

For some time, Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki was associated with actress Olga Boładź. The interested parties themselves never commented on what actually happened between them. One thing is for sure, for some time you could see them together quite often. Was it friendship or was it baby? Only they know that.

In 2013, Renata Kaczoruk appeared alongside Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki. Kaczoruk, who was 23 years younger, was to impress the king of TVN not only with her beauty, but also with her ambition and intelligence. Unfortunately, this relationship of Wojew & oacute; dzki did not survive, despite 5 years spent together and engagement.

The mysterious chosen one of Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki

For some Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki has a serious relationship with a woman whose identity remains a secret. In 2019, he opened the veil of secrecy and revealed that his chosen one is 22 years old and is studying medicine, although it is difficult to say whether it was just a joke by Wojew & oacute; dzki.

Now the artist has posted a picture with the baby on the web. The post was full of birthday greetings, but also congratulations, although there were people who expressed uncertainty as to whether the child in the picture was a descendant of a showmen.

Happy birthday we wish Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzek all the best.


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