Kufstein mayor disappointed with influx

Kufstein mayor disappointed with influx

Kufstein mayor disappointed with influx

After the politically responsible people about the process and the rush to the Mass tests in Tyrol had previously shown “delighted”, other tones are now emerging.

The Kufstein Mayor Martin Krumschnabel showed up to the WHAT “Disappointed”. On the second day at all six test locations so far “Very little operation”, those willing to test only “trickle in”. It is “a mystery” to him why that is.

With around 20,000 inhabitants, Kufstein is the second largest city in Tyrol. 2582 people were tested on Friday.

“Yesterday was a relatively good day, only six people tested positive for the coronavirus”,

Krumschnabel tried to be optimistic about the first day of the mass tests. However, he does not understand that the test-willing will be absent for the time being on Saturday.

“We expected a bigger rush over the weekend and added 20 test roads at the five locations”,

argued the mayor.

They have prepared themselves for 15,000 to 18,000 people, the capacities would be sufficient to test up to 75 percent of the population. He has been on the road since 7 a.m., said Krumschnabel, according to his on-site inspection he thinks it is

“Unlikely that we will ever get 10,000 people”.

Whatever the reason for the low rush is his “Vague”. You have to follow the South Tyrolean model “Well prepared”, there are no waiting times and everything works “Like clockwork”.

“It’s disappointing”

Krumschnabel admitted. Get “Such actions are necessary”, especially with a view to opening up trade as soon as possible and rehabilitating the tourism industry.

“There are two things: the lockdown and actively doing something about it”,

said the city chief.

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