“Kviti minnyh zones”: Vakarchuk’s new song (video)


    The Okean Elzy group released the first music video during the Russian-Ukrainian war. The clip “Kviti minnih zones” immediately gained more than a million views.

    “Kviti Minnih Zony” is the premiere clip of “Ocean Elzy”, filmed as a short film. The song was written, according to Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, several years ago, but has become especially relevant today. It is about fighting Ukrainian officers and soldiers who periodically return to civilian life, and then go back to the front. But the war does not let them go home – right in the middle of the streets of Kyiv, they see explosions: “Stop the war … Mom, don't dream!”.

    This thing sounds like Vakarchuk's polemical answer to himself on the seven-year-old hit “Don't your war.” The author then explained this idea in the following way: “Your war” is a struggle with your own complexes. ”But today Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, commenting on the premiere creation, remarked:“ The war has hooked everyone. p>

    “Kviti Minnih Zony” – a reflection of the war in Ukraine

    The video begins with a Ukrainian military calling home in the middle of a flowering field and his wife sharing family joys with him – “the tooth fairy came to their daughter Maruska”. The military man says to his wife: “Send the picture. I love you.” And then his colleagues call him to a military pickup truck, waiting in the distance: “Commander, come on!”.

    They are driving among flowering meadows, when suddenly the pickup truck is in Kyiv. Not far from the station, the military leaves for Tolstoy, crossing Zhilyanskaya in the area of ​​​​the 101 Tower Business Center, which sparkled blue glasses in the frame. And then, right in the center of the capital, a wounded man is loaded into a pickup truck on a stretcher. Then we see a seemingly peaceful picture – the commander in the city park shaves on a chair, but then an explosion is heard.

    Terrible visions of war do not leave the soldiers in the middle of the Ukrainian capital. The video is based on the idea of ​​director Oleg Tomin, when events in two dimensions simultaneously take place in the frame – in the rear and at the front, more precisely, we see the combination of these two realities.

    At the end of the video, it’s not the actor, but the real Ukrainian military Yuriy Kochevenko with the call sign “Pikachu”, the commander of a separate airborne assault brigade, says to the camera: “We are glad that thanks to us people go to bars and cafes. They even live and work normally. We do not want anyone to suffer from solidarity somewhere in the rear. It is important that we are not forgotten. Go to the cafe – we will win, we will come and join you.” A beautiful mini-movie ending.

    "Kviti minnih zones": new Vakarchuk's song (video)

    "Kviti minnih zones": new Vakarchuk's song (video)

    Okean Elzy's new hit will help soldiers at the front

    Under the clip “Kviti minnykh zones” – data on fees for combat pickups, the clip was created for this purpose. The image of the combat vehicle runs like a red thread through the entire clip.

    “Money from the monetization of the video and song on music platforms will also be included in the collection. More views, more plays – more fees for pickups!” – listed below the video.

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk spoke about this work on the day of the premiere: “The song was written several years ago. Then it was not called anything. I wrote it during the first phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war, when Russia had already annexed Crimea and invaded the Donbass. I wrote about Ukraine, about soldiers and officers who return home from the front and then go back again. About the constant search for themselves by people with weapons, about their interaction with society, about post-traumatic syndrome and how important it is to fight it. But when the full-scale aggression of Russia began, I realized that this song has acquired a new content.Now the war has completely changed everyone's life: someone was separated from his family, someone had a bomb in his house, someone lost loved ones, someone from morning till night is engaged in work that is not typical for themselves Everyone was hooked by the war, if before February 24 there were still people who could think: “This war is not about me. She is somewhere far in the east”, but now there are no such people left. And it seems to me that today this song is especially relevant.”

    It's hard to disagree. In the song “Kviti Minnyh Zones” the description of the war sounds piercingly:

    Threate tears and concrete,

    Blossoming of small zones,

    Wild war …

    Mommy, don't dream!”

    But it is especially curious how the words of this composition by Vakarchuk contrast with Okean Elzy's 2015 hit “Not your war”, where the chorus sounded: >

    Mom, don’t pray for me!

    Take more skils away

    Your children, don’t your war?”

    The new song “Kviti Minnih Zony” unequivocally refers to the “external” war, not the internal one. Although the melodies of these two rock ballads are very similar, but the meaning, it turns out, is the opposite, as if Vakarchuk answered himself to a song seven years ago.

    The melody of the track “Not your war” is more expressive, but the meaning of the new thing is more intelligible. Although this does not apply to the main metaphor of the composition: “kviti minnih zones” – do you mean “flowers of explosions” or “flowers of funnels from explosions”? Or, judging by the clip with a large number of summer meadows, are these “minefield flowers”?

    Maybe Svyatoslav Vakarchuk himself will one day explain exactly what he specifically had in mind. Although he has every right to leave it a poetic secret.


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