kyiv recommends its inhabitants to go to the periphery before the wave of blackouts

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kyiv recommends its inhabitants to go to the periphery in the face of the wave of blackouts

The mayor of kyiv has recommended city dwellers to move to the periphery if they have a second residence supplied with water wells and capable of heating with firewood, an alternative to recurrent blackouts that have marked life in the capital for weeks. Vitali KlitschkoHe has not ruled out that at some point he will have to order the evacuation of some kyiv neighborhoods due to water, electricity cuts, telephone and internet affecting part of the city since Russia began systematically attacking Ukrainian energy infrastructures from the beginning of October. “We have to prepare for the worst,” Mayor Klitschko said on his Telegram channel.  

The situation is becoming critical in various parts of the country. In places like kyiv, where the first snow fell weeks ago, minimum temperatures hover around five degrees below zero. Last week 70% of the city was left alone. It was completely in the dark shortly after the Kremlin launched the fifth wave of large-scale attacks against the Ukraine's power grid, attacks that have killed 77 people since October and knocked out about a third of the country's capacity to produce energy. “Millions of people are being forced to live under extreme and appalling conditions,” the US government warned. over the weekend the United Nations human rights rapporteur, Volker Türk. Ukrainian State Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, has gone beyond what it is. He said that the Russian bombing of the energy system is directed “against the entire Ukrainian nation” and could constitute “genocide”.

Nuclear power plants reconnected

A number of countries have announced measures to try to help Ukraine meet its energy needs. The European Union made a commitment to the weekend to send 40 generators , each of them capable of supplying a hospital, and 200 transformers. Also USA and Canada. have moved token in the same direction. According to the state electric company Ukrenergo, the current energy deficit is 28%, a percentage that has been reduced since the 2000s. s that Ukraine was able to reconnect to the electrical grid all three nuclear power plants that remain under their control. Regarding the Zaporizhia plant, the only one in the hands of Russian troops, the Kremlin denied that it was responsible. He said his forces are preparing to leave the plant on Monday, as the Ukrainian state company that manages nuclear power had suggested.

The Russian siege against basic services is underway. generating Political tensions arose among the Ukrainian leadership, which has largely been able to put aside its differences since the Russian invasion began. The mayor of kyiv lashed out. in a public discussion with President Volodimir Zelensky, after he criticized the management in the capital of the centers set up so that the population can warm up, have a hot drink and charge their mobile phones. “Unfortunately not all local authorities are doing it right in all cities,” Zelinski said over the weekend. “In particular, there are many complaints in kyiv. To put it mildly, more efforts are needed.” He asked the president's allies to “manipulate” reality and post “incomprehensible photos” on the networks of the more than 400 “invincibility centers” set up in the city so that the population can access basic services. “I don't want to get into political fights, particularly in the current situation. It's ridiculous,” said the former professional boxer and now kyiv mayor. Klitschko has also asked its citizens to stock up on food, water, batteries and other basic supplies in the expectation that Russian attacks against energy infrastructure will continue.