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Kylian Mbappé: broken nose, banned mask, big money story with PSG... An eventful Euro 2024

“Kylian Mbappé: broken nose, banned mask, big money affair with PSG… A Euro 2024 movement”

Kylian Mbappé dropped the mask, but did not enter the pitch against the Netherlands on Friday evening for the second match of the French team at Euro 2024 football. But a new big money affair with PSG has defrayed the chronicle…

The essential

  • Kylian Mbappé, injured in the nose at the start of Euro 2024, was on the bench last night, during France's draw against the Netherlands (0-0).
  • Without a mask, the French attacker appeared agitated. see annoyed &agrav; several times &agrav; side from the field, while in the middle of the match, press articles reported a new conflict with PSG.
  • Kylian Mbappé, leaving for Madrid, would in fact demand 100 million euros’ his former club according to the newspaper L'Equipe, for salaries and bonuses not paid since April.
  • While his future is still uncertain (will he play again with the France team? When will he play again? With or without a mask?), this affair further distances the French star from the competition.


11:36 – A new song à the glory of the mask of Kylian Mbappé

The summer tube ? A group of French supporters launched a campaign a brand new song &agrav; the glory… of Kylian Mbapp&eac;, and his mask! With reference, of course, to his injury and broken nose during the first match of the Blues in this Euro 2024 against à Austria. A song that was not written chosen at random, it takes up the air of the mythical theme song of the Zorro series. This group of friends revealed his new title and pushedé the ditty on the microphone of BeIN Sports.

11:20 – Mbappé-PSG conflict: the beginnings of August 2023

The imbroglio between Mbappé and PSG dates back to August 2023, when the player sent the club a letter to formalize his wish not to extend the adventure with the capital club. Then deprived of a pre-season tour in Asia, the captain of the Blues was reinstated to the squad after his promise to PSG that the club would not lose out, even in the event of a free departure. Then “I was made to understand that I would not play with Paris, it was said to my face, I was spoken to violently. Luis Enrique and Luis Campos saved me. I would not have set foot on the field without them” he declared at a press conference with the Blues. From now on, it is difficult to imagine any other outcome than a fight on the legal front between two parties who do not seem ready to let go. 

10:56 – "Évide, the team would have been much better with Kylian" conceded by Deschamps

Absent from the match against the Netherlands this Friday (0-0), Kylian Mbappé was on everyone's mind. Particularly due to the lack of finishing of the Blues in this match, who have still not scored a single goal in this Euro 2024. An absence that weighed heavily on the result of the match, as the coach of the Blues, Didier Deschamps, acknowledged after the match on M6: “Kylian is Kylian, we're not going to compare him to the others. (…) Obviously, the team would have been much better with Kylian on the pitch”.

10:33 – Without his mask, Mbappé helpless and annoyed on the bench

The Real Madrid striker remained on the substitutes' bench for the entire duration of the match against the Netherlands. Face closed, arms crossed, he witnessed the incident. helpless &agrav; the first period of his teammates. He then appeared rather annoyed. in the second period, particularly at the time of departure. the warm-up of Olivier Giroud and Kingsley Coman, among others, as well as the scenario of the match which did not allow the Blues to resolve the situation and to qualify this Friday for the round of 16 of the competition in Germany. We will have to wait until next Tuesday and the last match of the group stage against Poland (already eliminated) to know the fate of the Blues in this Euro 2024 .

10:19 – 100 million euros claimed by Mbappé : PSG delays

If the conflict around the 100 million euros claimed by Blues star Kylian Mbappé &agrav; his former club, PSG, could disrupt the player during this Euro 2024, the conflict has not yet happened; in the legal field. PSG has for its part; affirmed that negotiations were continuing between the two camps. This episode comes as the last season of the captain of the French team was over. rather movement in the capital club. Gap of the summer tour in Asia, then regularly replacing under the orders of Luis Enrique all accounts between the two parties do not seem despite everything cannot be settled at this early summer.

09:42 – The black mask of Mbappé still not approved ?

"Non-hazardous protection, such as gloves, helmets, face masks […] made of soft, lightweight and padded materials are permitted" quot; indicates point 4.4 of Law 4 of the International Football Association Board (IFAP). However, the equipment must not display any slogan, inscription or graphic image. political, religious or personal character. In the event of an infraction, the player and/or team will be sanctioned. by the organizer of the competition, by the national federation or by FIFA" specifies the organization. Voilaà why, even the completely black mask with the inscription "Mbappé" could be retorted by the authorities, and the Real Madrid player forced to use a third mask for the face-to-face meeting; Poland after the ban on its tricolor mask.

09:23 – Bonuses, salaries.. Two opposing versions& eacute;es between Mbappé and PSG

Last April, the non-payment of Kylian Mbapp&eac; was linked to &agrav; an agreement concluded between the player and PSG, in which the star of the Blues committed to renounce à part of his bonuses (55 million euros). However, as 20Minutes indicates, "the version put forward by another source involved in the negotiations "was different" . In fact, the player would not have been able to do so. informed of this decision of the club. A total of around 80 million euros, including salaries and bonuses, was discussed. On the surface, both parties appeared to be in agreement on the subject. Behind the scenes, it is clear that this was not really the case.

09:08 – Mbapp&eacute ; on the field, Tuesday against Poland ?

“I'm not bluffing. Every day that passes, it gets better. If the match had been decisive, I would have thought differently. It’s important for me to have the feeling of Kylian. He has to wear a mask, it changes his vision, there is a hematoma, there are risks. The consolidation is better every day. It’éwas wiser not to play him" declared Blues coach Didier Deschamps about Kylian Mbapp, who remained in the squad. on the bench against the Netherlands due to his nose injury. A statement which gives hope for his presence during the last group match of the French team, Tuesday June 25 against the last of the group and already ; éeliminé, Poland.

08:45 – Why Mbappé was it? forbidden ?

If Kylian Mbappé didn'not even step on it' the pitch during the match against the Netherlands, it is quite likely to find him next Tuesday facing à Poland. One thing is sure, it won't be with the ornate mask. blue, white, red colors, seen during a Blues training session on June 20. The reason ? The UEFA regulations and their article 42 stipulating that "medical equipment worn on the body is not permitted to be worn in the hospital. on the playing field must be of a solid color and must not display any identification of the team or manufacturer. Voilaà why, the Real Madrid player had opted, if he were to come into play this Friday, for a more sober mask, entirely black in carbon, with the inscriptions "Mbapp&eacute ;" on one side; and a small tricolor flag on the other.

08:38 – Mpabbé too fair ? Deschamps didn't take any risks

"I hesitatedé &agrav; bring him in à the end of the match" entrusted the Blues coach Didier Deschamps to the outcome of the match, in particular because of the difficulties of his men in finishing. At the kick-off and throughout the match, the star of the French team Kylian Mbappé sat on the bench, helplessly witnessing the cruel lack of success of her partners. Despite Everything, the staff didn't take any risks and decided to move on. not to bring him into play, he didn't even go to warm up in the first period, perhaps a little too soon after` his nose injury during the match against Austria.

08:00 – Kylian Mbappé puts PSG on notice and demands 100 million euros

As revealed by the daily L'Equipe, Kylian Mbappé has put his ex-club, Paris Saint Germain, on notice. He is demanding some 100 million euros from the French champion. A sum which corresponds to à different bonuses and salaries for April and May, not paid to the new resident of Real Madrid. According to L'Equipe, the player would have proposed to renounce à 55 million euros gross in bonuses under certain conditions before leaving the capital club. However, upon the announcement of the player's departure (in February internally), the situation worsened between the two parties. nbsp;

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