La Casa de papel: Netflix releases a teaser for the spin-off on Berlin

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After the Korean remake of La Casa de papel, Netflix does not let go of its goose that lays the golden eggs and unveils its spin-off series on the eponymous character: Berlin .

The arrival of the series in 2017 in the Netflix catalog was the subject of a tidal wave. The popularity of the serial work exploded and the streaming service took advantage of it. Since if Netflix intended to ride on this success, the platform has above all capitalized on the program to extend it as much as possible. It was at the end of five seasons/parts that La Casa de papel ended on Netflix with a very farted finale.

However , even though the quality of the series fell more and more, the success remained. And since the business was profitable enough, it prompted Netflix to make an honorable Korean remake Money Heist – Korea. And today, the service's other project, Berlín, a spin-off series about the character of Pedro Alonso, was unveiled in a teaser.< /strong>

Yes, the iconic character from the first season will return< /strong>. You were sad to see one of the most complex, interesting and completely crazy protagonists of the series disappear so quickly from the program? Your wish to see him again is now granted. And the best part is that he's not coming back on his own, he's brought all his buddies back in this teaser.

For more than thirty seconds, we are presented with charactersin a video that strangely flirts between 90s sitcom credits and Paco Rabanne's 1 Million ad. The opportunity to introduce us to Michelle Jenner as Keila, an electronics specialist, Tristán Ulloa who plays Damián, confidant and professor philanthropist from Berlin, Begoña Vargas as Cameron, Julio Peña Fernández as the King and Joel Sánchez will be Bruce, a relentless man of action.

With his sweet tagline ” Love and Heists”, one can assume that romances will get in the way of our protagonists potentially to thwart carefully planned high-flying heists. Enough to season the series with low-end betrayals and love scenes of which only the streaming giant has the secret. A production that promises to be as hot as Andrés de Fonollosa in his pink suit with a rose adornment (therefore not very seller).

If however this little preview has made you want to know more and throw yourself on the series (we won't judge you even if we really want to), be aware that it will arrive in 2023 on Netflix. >

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