La Corne woman charged with child pornography and incitement to murder

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LaCorne woman charged with child pornography and incitement to murder

The case is being processed at the Val-d'Or courthouse.

Noémie Beauchemin, a 27-year-old woman years of residence in La Corne, faces a series of serious charges, including production of child pornography and incitement to murder.

Police officers from the Sûreté du Québec major crime investigation team in Val-d’Or arrested the woman Thursday morning, shortly before 9 a.m. She appeared by telephone in the afternoon, at the Val-d'Or courthouse.

The prosecution filed 14 counts against Noémie Beauchemin. She is accused in particular of drug trafficking and of having produced and distributed child pornography in 2020. She also faces a charge of having counseled a woman to commit murder and aggravated assault, offenses which do not were never committed.

Three charges of mischief were also brought against him, accusing him of having made false statements to peace officers to have him accused of other individuals.

Finally, Noémie Beauchemin would also have obstructed justice by inciting someone to present false testimony in court.

Following an investigation that began in January 2021, the investigators have succeeded in gathering several pieces of evidence which show that the suspect allegedly committed several crimes, underlines the SQ in a press release.

The prosecution opposed the release of the accused. She will appear again on Friday at a hearing to set a date for her bail hearing.

Noémie Beauchemin is this former lawyer who was disbarred for life from the Barreau du Québec last September.

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