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La Tribune de Genève, RTS, Le Temps: estimates before 8 p.m. with Swiss punctuality

They like numbers… La Tribune de Genève and its Swiss colleagues from Le Temps and RTS broadcast of the results of the 2024 legislative elections before 8 p.m. last week and should start again this Sunday…

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La Tribune de Genève arrived around 7:20 p.m. giving “the RN of Bardella in the lead”. RTS followed a few minutes later, with a report à television and the Web indicating that the National Rally was "largely in the lead in the countryside". But it was Time that was destroyed. the most punctual last week, concerning the leaks of the results of French legislative elections on the Swiss Web. From 7:05 p.m., in its live online, the Swiss newspaper indicated that "the latest projections from polling institutes available & at the time of publication of this text (sic) estimate that between 34% and 35% of French voters voted in favor of for a candidate from the National Rally or its allies in the first round of the legislative elections this Sunday, June 30. Which places the far-right party just ahead of 28% 31% of the New Popular Front, the alliance of all left-wing parties. The presidential camp would fall in terms of him between 19%-22%. The Republicans would reach 10%.

As with every election, a strong national issue in France, the Belgian and Swiss media, last Sunday, revealed several national trends regarding results before 8 p.m., the legal end time for voting in the country. La Tribune de Genève, Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), Le Temps, on the sideé of Switzerland, but also RTBF or La Libre Belgique in the flat country… There are indeed numerous à playing every year with the nerves of the Polling Commission and the bosses of the French media, most often powerless. And they should do it again this Sunday, for the second round of voting, the results of which are expected throughout Europe.

La Tribune de Genève, pioneer in leaks before 8 p.m.

The Tribune de Genève is a pioneer. She was particularly distinguished during the first as well as the second round of the presidential election in 2017, resuming very early ;ocirc;t in the evening of the estimates, then continuing in his "live", on his website, à leafing through the results of the election, right in front of you. the beard of the media of France, kept silent by law. Five years later, during the presidential election still , the Swiss newspaper had once again participated in the event. at the grand unpacking, delivering information at the end of the afternoon on its website, as well as on Twitter.

On his 2022 thread, we found in particular an "estimate" from 7:45 p.m., where Emmanuel Macron was given a speech. largely in the lead, à 31.9% against 22.4% for Marine Le Pen and 20% for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Other estimates, sometimes more outlandish, taken from his Belgian colleagues , notably from Free Belgium, were also proposed. Among them, an estimate which gave Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen "neck-à elbow"… As a reminder, Emmanuel Macron won" the first round with 27.85% of the votes ahead of Marine Le Pen à 23.15%.

Legislative leaks also

If the practice is less visible during elections for the Assembly than during a presidential election, data had leaked in the past. also during the legislative elections, in particular the legislative elections of 2022, to "spoiler" the result. During the first round of the last legislative elections, the quasi-equality was almost equal. of LREM and Nupes à At the time, around 25% had been released. announced from Switzerland and Belgium long minutes before the 8 p.m. gong in France. A way of defeating the French media, held to respect the law and non-disclosure of any results before their time -H.

La Tribune de Genève, RTS and Le Temps are accustomed to this fact. But it is Belgium, and even Free Belgium for that matter, which revealed the first estimates even before 6 p.m. a week ago, for the first round of legislative legislation. Trends close to what the final result of the ballot will reveal a few minutes later. The Belgian media had also promised to its readers in advance,  on its website, that they could "find before 8 p.m. the first reliable results of the French legislativeçaises" .

"À Each French election, the Belgian media, including La Libre, can preview the results of the vote. Unlike the French media, they are not required to wait until 8 p.m. and the closing of all polling stations, we could read. this Sunday July 7 since all neighboring media will be closely watching the results of this historic election in France. At the time where we are writing these lines, La Tribune de Gen&egraveve has already already published this article. started live sound, like the Temps or RTS sites.

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