La Vérif: Are Jean Boulet's remarks on immigration correct? | Elections Quebec 2022

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La Vérif  : Are Jean Boulet’s comments on immigration accurate? | Élections Québec 2022

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The Caquiste candidate and outgoing Minister of Immigration Jean Boulet said he was “sorry” for having badly expressed [his] thought.

The Caquiste candidate and Minister of Immigration outgoing Jean Boulet apologized for his remarks about immigration that he made during a debate between candidates in Trois-Rivières last week. He said then that “80% of immigrants go to Montreal, do not work, do not speak French or do not adhere to the values ​​of Quebec society”. But what is it really?

Jean Boulet's statement about the proportion of immigrants who settle in Montreal deserves nuance.

In 2020-2021, 65% of immigrants settled in Montreal. ;Island of Montreal, according to the Quebec Institute of Statistics

But when you count the metropolitan area, which includes Laval and the Longueuil agglomeration, this proportion rises to 77%.

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For 20 years, the proportion of immigrants who settle in the metropolis has been decreasing, but it is increasing in the suburbs and in the rest of Quebec.< /p>Start of the widget. Skip the widget?End of widget. Back to top of widget?

Jean Boulet also claimed that immigrants in Montreal don't work and don't speak French.

That's wrong in both cases.

In Greater Montreal, 77% of immigrants have knowledge of French, according to the latest available data from Statistics Canada's 2016 census.

La proportion increases to 89% in the rest of Quebec (when excluding the census metropolitan area of ​​Montreal).

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Besides, the immigrant population of Greater Montreal has a higher employment rate than the native-born.

The rate of employment represents the number of people who are employed expressed as a percentage of the population aged 15 and over.

Last August, 65.2% of immigrants were employed, compared to 63.7% for the rest of the population.

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Reality is similar across the province. Immigrants have a slightly higher employment rate than the Canadian-born population, which is partly explained by the fact that immigrants are on average younger than the Canadian-born population.

Currently in Quebec, nearly one in five jobs is held by an immigrant, which is greater than their demographic weight in the province.

Jean Boulet also said that immigrants do not adhere to the values ​​of Quebec society.

It is difficult to have clear indicators on this statement. However, since 2020, immigrants selected by Quebec must submit to a test of Quebec values.

This exercise consists of answering about twenty questions on subjects such as the functioning of democratic institutions in the province, gender equality or secularism.

The pass rate for this test on the first attempt is 99.44% in 2021, according to the data from the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration du Québec.

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    With the collaboration of Olivier Bachand and Nathalie Lemieux

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