La Villa 7: “You're screwing me over with your bullshit”, Giovanni gets angry with Caroline


Villa 7: “You're screwing me over with your bullshit”, Giovanni gets carried away with Caroline

During the Thursday, June 16 episode of La Villa 7, an argument broke out between Giovanni and Caroline. And it's about Cassandra. We tell you everything here.

For a few days in La Villa 7, Caroline finds herself a little alone against everyone. Already, because she had fun with Giovanni and their complicity did not resemble friendship. For the other contestants, it wasn't cool for Cassandra. Then, when Giovanni got closer to Laura Marra, Caroline showed some signs of annoyance that might have looked like jealousy. But the young woman says it’s fair compared to Cassandra… Finally, Flo and Allan swung that Caroline did not find Nico Ferrero physically attractive, contrary to what she may say. Something that the young woman denies en bloc… Tensions therefore arose in the villa.

The day after this dispute, Bellegathers his comrades in the living room. And she brings the suitcase of truth. Nice balance that Caroline is not totally sincere. She saw the young woman talking with Cassandra via text. Caroline assumes and insists on explaining herself. It turns out that the candidates have been thinking for several days that she has a thing for Giovanni. Except that's totally wrong. She affirms, once again, that it’s about friendship and nothing more. So before things got twisted and told Cassandra, she preferred to go ahead and tell him everything.

“You preferred to hurt him by telling him about it”

Giovanni was then carried away by the explanations of Caroline. He says to her: “So to protect yourself and prevent her from learning something from others, you preferred to hurt her by talking to her about it. Knowing that she’s out there and she’s going to make movies. It's ruining everything we've been through because of shit, because of people who can't keep their phones. All this to protect you, you had to do this to protect your little head. And you screw me over with your bullshit! . Giovanni’s annoyance is understood by the others, but Noémie recalls that there were two of them splashing around and having fun in the sea!