Lac-à-la-Pêche plant: the mayor of Shawinigan wants help from Quebec City | Elections Quebec 2022

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Lac-à-la-Pê factory: the mayor of Shawinigan wants the help of Quebec City | Élections Quebec 2022

The plant located in Shawinigan is not yet operating normally (archives).

While the election campaign is in full swing, the mayor of Shawinigan is asking the Quebec government to help him pay part of the bill for the water treatment plant. water from Lac-à-la-Pêche.

We are still trying to find permanent solutions and the bill continues to rise, said Michel Angers in an interview on the show Toujours le matin.

Thousands of citizens of Shawinigan had to boil water before consuming it for more than 7 months due to problems with the filtration membranes.

The plant was put back into service in July, but no solution has yet been found to operate the water treatment plant adequately in the long term. Our teams are working extremely hard day, evening and weekend to maintain our ability to distribute water for the 30,000 citizens who have been affected, says Mr. Angers.

“When things are going well, everyone is there to cut the ribbon, but when things are going less well, no one comes to my office to say: we will help you. »

— Michel Angers, Mayor of Shawinigan

Michel Angers interviewed on the show Toujours le matin

We need help, as is the case in the event of flooding, landslides, and all other exceptional situations, says the mayor of Shawinigan.< /p>

Questioned as part of a series of interviews that will be presented next week on Téléjournal Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, the candidates have spoken on this issue.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) candidate, Marie-Louise-Tardif, pointed out that her government has already contributed approximately $46 million to the construction of the new plant. According to Michel Angers, François Legault would however have mentioned being open to helping the City, during his last visit to Shawinigan.

The candidate of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Pierre-David Tremblay, said he was in favor of financial participation from Quebec as soon as possible. The Parti Québécois (PQ) candidate, Pascal Bastarache, also promises to help the City with the costs.

I will be a partner, an ally for the Municipality, so I will first let the case before the courts take its course, declared the candidate of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Kévin Nzoula-Mendome. Québec solidaire (QS) candidate, France Lavigne, had no specific opinion on the subject at this point.

The City is suing firms that worked on design and build the Lac à la Pêche plant.

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