Lady's Game: Is Season 2 on Netflix Inevitable Given the Success?

Lady's Game: Is Season 2 on Netflix Inevitable Given the Success?


Number one on Netflix, the chess series The Lady's Game, originally designed to have only seven episodes, raises questions about a possible Season 2. Anya Taylor-Joy and the team respond.

Very followed on Netflix, and hailed by the press, the series The Lady's Game created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott stands out in 2020 as one of the successes of the champion VOD platform of the market. In this kind of case, the question of a potential season 2 always arises.

However, The Lady's Game has the distinction of being a mini-series . In just seven episodes, she offers to follow the complete journey of her heroine, Beth, an orphan girl who became a chess champion in America in the 1950s, while battling addictions to drugs and alcohol, intended for calm their anxieties.

Beth, anxious to see a sequel land

Netflix hasn't made any announcements about a sequel. In addition, this miniseries fully adapts Walter Trevis's 1983 novel . Harry Melling, one of the actors, mentions this problem in his response to a possible season 2:

Wouldn't that be good, a season 2 for The Lady's Game ?” Except that the story told in the mini-series ends where the book ends. I don't know if there can be a sequel, but we've seen weird things happen sometimes.

Other members of the show crew respond that while an extension of the Lady's Game story would be great fun to create, they are very happy with the current ending to the tale. Starting with Anya Taylor-Joy, actress seen in Split and The Witch , who plays the main role:

If I learned anything while working in this environment, it is never say never. I love the character and would definitely come back if asked, but I feel we left Beth in a good place. I think the rest of her life will surely be an adventure as well, but an adventure to find some form of peace, some way to be happy being who she is. I think the series ends in a very good place.

Abandon setbacks, to succeed in finding peace?

Executive producer William Horberg provides a similar response:

We had a blast talking about what was to come next, but the last scene sounds like a really nice note to wrap up the series, so I'm not sure we wanted to go on and answer that question. Maybe we could just let the audience imagine what happens next.

Between The Handmaid's Tale which continued well beyond Margaret Atwood's book in the face of success, and Big Little Lies which was given a sequel despite its originally miniseries nature, the hope of a comeback The Lady's Game is here for the fans.

In short, if the continuation of the adventures of the tortured chess champion Beth is still a big question, the seven episodes of The Lady's Game remain to be seen on the VOD platform.

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