Lana Del Rey is stalked by an obsessive fan


    Lana Del Rey is being pursued by an obsessive fan

    Lana Del Rey

    Singer Lana Del Rey faced harassment from a persistent fan: a man guarded her at home and even tried to steal the star's car. It is reported by TMZ.

    The story began in February of this year, when a man named Eric Everardo broke into the star's house at least twice and also attempted to steal her Jaguar car. He failed to do this: the criminal was detained by the police and brought to justice.

    However, the persecution did not stop there: the man continues to hunt down the singer near her house. Lana also began to receive frightening letters from him. The obsessive admirer did not stop at the singer herself and began to write to Lana's sister. The star began to worry about the safety of herself and her family and turned to law enforcement agencies.

    At the moment, Everardo has no right to approach the singer closer than 90 meters, and the first court hearing is scheduled for next month.


    The harassment of stars by obsessive fans is not uncommon: for example, in February of this year, Billie Eilish spoke about stalking, and earlier his lover, artist Alexandra Grant, complained about Keanu Reeves' obsessive fan. 

    C Russian stars and public figures have also faced persecution: for example, the editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 Ekaterina Darma recently spoke about this on social networks, and before that, journalist Bozena Rynska, actress Ekaterina Volkova and figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva complained about this situation.


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