Lara Gessler made decisions about her second child. It's about baptism

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Will Lara Gessler decide to baptize her son?

Lara Gessler made decisions about her second child. It's about baptism

As the portal “Pudelek” reminds, Lara Gessler and Piotr Szeląg admitted some time ago that their daughter Nena was not baptized. It turns out that they are very consistent in this matter and they also made a similar decision in the case of their younger child – son Bernard. Dódaughter of Magda Gessler revealed why such a decision.

The second child of Lara Gessler and Piotr Szeląg

In mid-September, Lara Gessler and Piotr Szeląg became parents for the second time. They welcomed a son into the world, for whom they chose the name Bernard. Lara quickly boasted of a photo of her younger child, revealing that she was lucky because the boy is an exceptionally quiet child.

As on every such occasion, fans began to ask Lara Gessler whether the parents would decide to baptize Bernard. It is no secret that the parents have not decided to take this step in the case of Nena before. They consequently decided that their little son would not join this sacrament. She also explained what influenced her choice.

Reasons for this decision

Lara Gessler and Piotr Szeląg do not intend to baptize children just because it is a tradition. In their opinion, the decision to baptize should result from the deep faith of the parents, not pressure from the environment and pressure that it should be.

“We are not practicing Catholics, so we have no reason to baptize daughter. I prefer to live like a good person than to create social appearances, “said Lara Gessler on the occasion of questions about the sacrament of Nena's baptism.

Asked about the possible baptism of Bernard, she emphasized that there are no reasons to change her mind on this matter. “I am non-practicing and not very supportive of the Catholic Church.”

You were convinced by the arguments of Lara Gessler and her husband?

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