Large drug seizure made in the Pointe-Gatineau district

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Large drug seizure made in the Pointe-Gatineau district

Officers from the Gatineau Police Service made a large seizure when they initially went to an apartment on Jacques-Cartier Street following a call received to report a commotion. (File photo)

The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) says it seized a “fairly large” quantity of drugs in an apartment located on rue Jacques-Cartier, in the Pointe-Gatineau district, on weekends.

Officers attended an apartment in the neighborhood shortly after 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning in response to a call they received to report a commotion.

Officers began checking the building #x27;place and knocked on the door of the apartment in question.

It's an elderly woman in her twenties with a recent injury to her face that left them replied. She asked them to leave, but the officers questioned her.

At the same time, other officers entered the apartment in which there were then four people. The SPVG then received information that a firearm was in the accommodation and that drug trafficking was taking place there.

The police officers therefore arrested the four individuals for security reasons.

While checking the apartment, officers found a restricted handgun. The pistol was loaded when it was discovered by the police.

The SPVG's criminal investigations office has therefore requested a search warrant in order to be able to search the apartment.< /p>

The search led to the seizure of a fairly large quantity of narcotics related to trafficking, more specifically synthetic drugs, according to Lieutenant Jean-Fran├žois Beauchamp of the SPVG. A sum of money and equipment that can be used to traffic narcotics were also discovered.

Two of the four people arrested have since been released . One of them was arrested on a promise to appear.

The other people arrested, two men aged 20 and 27 from the region of Ottawa, were still being held at SPVG headquarters at the time of this publication. They were called to appear before the Court of Quebec on Sunday.

The charges filed in this case are, among other things, related to the possession of a restricted weapon and ammunition , the possession of narcotics and material that could be used to traffic in them, as well as the amount of money seized.

With information from Camille Kasisi-Monet

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