Large families, life in XXL: a mother agrees to talk about the death of her baby

Large families, life in XXL: a mother agrees to talk about the death of her baby

A candidate for Large Families, life in XXL has agreed to come back to the moment when she lost her baby. Confidences!

As every week, this Wednesday, June 29, 2022, TF1aired a new episode of Large families, life in XXL. In the cast of this season, we find in particular the Colas. This tribe is made up of Olivier, a 42-year-old logistics manager and Delphine, a 39-year-old photographer. They are the proud parents of 5 children. If Selena and Gabriel are from a previous union of the mother, Paul, Louise and Albaare the fruit of the couple's love. If the two candidates of the TF1 program are overwhelmed with happiness, a few months ago, they unfortunately experienced a terrible tragedy.

In the episode of Large Families, Delphine began to tell: “I felt that I had to change jobs. I was a Spanish teacher and there, I embarked on a new professional career since I became a photographer. I need to work from home as it allows me to spend more time with my kids.”. Then, she revealed why she made the decision to turn her life upside down. “If I decided to drop everything and resign it is because I had a kind of realization about the fragility of life.My last pregnancy was twins since Alba had a twin brother except that life decided otherwise. Unfortunately our little boy was born and did not live ”, he confided with great emotion.

Delphine lost Alba’s twin

Very moved and while she was holding back her tears, the mother of the family clarified: «We also had the chance to hug our baby, to have him with us, to have our two babies at birth. I think Alba will always carry her brother's strength with her. And today, we live for him. There are eight of us in our clan”. Delphine then concluded by stating: “I was able to keep memories of our baby thanks to the photo. It’s also something that made me realize the importance of capturing moments and I find that being a photographer is an incredible job. It’s not an ‘unimportant’ job, it’s a great job. We give people memories that last a lifetime.”.

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