Last campaign rallies for Bolsonaro and Lula in Brazil

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Last campaign rallies for Bolsonaro and Lula in Brazil

Thousands of supporters attended the Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva rally on the eve of the poll.

The run-off campaign ended Saturday in southeastern Brazil with the rallies of Lula, favorite of the presidential election on Sunday, in Sao Paulo, and of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais.

I am confident of victory, the 67-year-old incumbent president told reporters before leading a procession of bikers who had greeted him with cheers Mito , Mito (Myth, his nickname), dressed in yellow and green, the colors of the Brazilian flag.

I'm sure he'll win, said Fabricia Alves, 36, a micro-business leader who says she supports Jair Bolsonaro for his economic policies and for the family values ​​she sees as non-negotiable.

I am not in favor of abortion or gender theory, which is what the other party wants to impose, he explains. her.

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro at his last rally in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state, Brazil

In a country where the voluntary termination of pregnancy x27;is permitted only in rare exceptions, yet Lula has repeatedly stated, such as recently before leaders of evangelical Protestant churches, that he is personally against abortion.

< p class="e-p">However, false information on social networks has plagued the entire campaign.

Friday, during the last televised debate at loggerheads where insults flew (bandit, unbalanced), the two protagonists accused each other of lying without exposing their projects for this continental-sized country of 215 million inhabitants.

An anti-debate, without the slightest novelty that could change the situation, said political columnist Otavio Guedes on the Globonews channel.

Lula da Silva (left) and Jair Bolsonaro faced off during a presidential debate.

Lula rose to six points (53% – 47%) from four before, his lead in the latest survey by the benchmark institute Datafolha published on Thursday. A final survey on Saturday will give the trend on the eve of the vote.

But the pollsters had been singled out after the first round, on October 2, for having completely underestimated the score of Bolsonaro, who finally obtained 43% of the votes, behind Lula at 48%.

Lula – who, at just 77, is seeking a return to power after leading Latin America's biggest economy from 2003 to 2010 before being jailed for 18 months on corruption charges and then having his convictions overturned by justice – was to follow a victory march in Sao Paulo.

Brazil needs a government that takes care of our people again, especially of those who need it most. He needs peace, democracy and dialogue, Lula wrote in a letter to voters in which he attacks the country of hatred, lies, intolerance embodied in according to him, Bolsonaro.

In the capital Brasilia, supporters of the two candidates also marched through the streets. First lady Michelle Bolsonaro took part, aboard an army jeep, in the Women's Caravan with Bolsonaro which, according to an AFP photographer, gathered around 100 cars.

In this home stretch, Jair Bolsonaro welcomed the slow recovery in activity with the recent drop in inflation and the decrease in unemployment which stood at 8.7% in September, with a pandemic and a war that affects the entire world economy […]. There is still a lot to do, he wrote on his Twitter account.

On Sunday, some 156 million Brazilians are called to vote in the country's 26 states and in the Federal District. In the first round, however, around 32 million (21%) did not move. These abstainers are one of the determining factors of this second round, because only six million votes separated the two finalists on the evening of the first round.

Voting is compulsory in Brazil, but the x27; fine of 3.5 reais, around 0.50 euros ($0.68 CAD), is not a deterrent.

People listened to Friday's debate in a restaurant.

The final vote count could be tight on Sunday evening and increase tension and polarization in the country.

Jair Bolsonaro, who has long threatened not to recognize the verdict at the polls and who received support from former US President Donald Trump on Friday, has apparently tempered his position at the end of the debate.

While x27;When asked if he would accept a possible defeat, he said: Whoever has the most votes wins. This is democracy.

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