Last minute of the war in Ukraine, live | Ukraine and Russia denounce a huge explosion in Zaporizhia

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The war in Ukraine, which has already claimed thousands of lives, continues on different fronts while Russia already occupies a large part of Donbas < /strong>and the troops of the country try to recover lost territories in the south. Negotiations started in the first weeks of the conflict remain paralyzed and there is no end in sight to a conflict that could drag on. Moscow He has already warned that he has no intention of limiting himself to the east of the territory, but kyiv is struggling to stop the offensive thanks to the military aid of Western countries.

Continue here all the latest hour of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.


22 minutes ago

Explosion in Zaporizhia

The Russian and Ukrainian authorities have denounced this Saturday a large explosion that occurred in the last few hours in the city of Zaporizhia, which according to kyiv would have resulted in the destruction of an industrial warehouse, with no record of victims.

Russia and Ukraine often blame each other for these bombings of the city, so as in the nuclear plant of the same name, which is located on the other bank of the Dnieper River, in the city of Energodar.

On this occasion, the person in charge of the administration Ukrainian Oleksander Staruj has denounced the bombardment as a Russian “missile” attack, although it caused no human loss.

1 hour ago< /p>

The EU estimates that it keeps frozen Russian assets worth more than 17,000 million euros

The Commissioner for Justice of the European Union, >Didier Reynders, has estimated that the sanctions of the bloc against Russia for the war in Ukraine have led to the paralysis of assets of Russian citizens worth of more than 17,000 million euros. “We are talking about the assets of some 90 people, more than 17,000 million euros blocked in seven member states“, explained the Belgian commissioner in statements in the German media of the Funke Group. The EU has so far adopted eight sanctions packages against Russia since the February 24 invasion, while Ukrainian politicians have since insisted that this “frozen” money be redirected to reconstruction. npostwar Ukraine. Reynders also recalled that to this sum must be added the 300,000 million euros in foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Central Bank, a amount that “it is at least possible to keep paralyzed as a guarantee that Russia voluntarily commits to participate in the reconstruction process.”

2 ago > hours

Frozen assets

The Commissioner for Justice of the European Union, Didier Reynders, has estimated that the bloc's sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine have led to the paralysis of assets of Russian citizens worth more than 20,000 euros. s of 17,000 million euros

“We are talking about the assets of some 90 people, more than 17,000 million euros blocked in seven member states, including some 2,200 million in Germany,” explained the Belgian commissioner in statements to the media of the German information conglomerate Grupo Funke .

3 hours ago

“rogue state”

The spokesman of the European Parliament and general director of communication of the Eurochamber, Jaume Duch, has defended that the European Union continue to impose more sanctions on Russia while the war in Ukraine lasts, and has assured that the sanctions packages that have already been applied are making Russia “becoming a pariah state.”

“I believe that at this moment Russia has become a pariah state and we hope that at some point it will be the Russians themselves who realize account and those who act accordingly,” Duch said in an interview with Europa Press.

3 hours ago

Crimea claims it has thwarted a Ukrainian drone attack on Sevastopol

The governor of SevastopolMikhail Razvozhaev reported this Saturday that Russian forces have managed to thwart a Ukrainian drone attack on the port of the annexed peninsula city of >Crimea, with no evidence of casualties or material damage. The governor has verified at least two drones, both destroyed, in an attack that began at 04:30 in the morning, local time. “Different air defense systems in Sevastopol repelled the drone attacks. All the UAVs were shot down,” the governor said in a message posted on the VKontakte social network collected by the TASS agency. This is the second drone attack in the last 24 hours after the one that occurred last night, also neutralized, according to the Russian authorities in Crimea.

Ago 3 hours

The agreement to export wheat from Ukraine has saved 100 million people from poverty

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres strong>, has declared the “unwavering” support of the organization to the indirect agreement signed in July between Russia and Ukraine < /strong>to allow the export of grain from the besieged ports of war, a pact that has saved 100 million people from falling into extreme poverty, says the leader. Under the agreement, a coalition of Turkish, Ukrainian and UN personnel oversee grain loading onto ships at the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Chernomosk and Pivdenyi, before sailing a pre-planned route through the Black Sea. Ships cross it to the Bosphorus Strait, in Turkey, where a joint coordination center has been established in Istanbul, including representatives from the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey to ensure that ships entering Ukraine do not carry weapons or combat material. The agreement, accompanied by a permit for the export of Russian fertilizers, aims to avoid “a global food crisisa” that the United Nations is doing everything possible to avoid. “Without food and fertilizers not arriving right now, we expect a dramatic effect on production and food costs . Right now it is a crisis about the price. It could become an availability crisis,” warns Guterres.

3 hours ago

Sebastopol attack< /strong>

 The ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet repelled this Saturday a drone attack on Sevastopol Bay, reported The governor of that port on the Crimean peninsula, Mikhail Razvozhaev.

“Today starting at 04:30 (01:30 GMT) for several hours various anti-aircraft systems in Sevastopol repelled a drone attack. All drones were shot down,” he wrote. on his Telegram channel.

The governor added According to preliminary data, the military also destroyed an unmanned aquatic vehicle.

4 hours ago

Ukraine warns that Moscow imposes Russian citizenship by force in Zaporizhia

Ukrainian authorities warned this Friday that, given “the lack of a great demand for Russian passports in the occupied regions“, Moscow; he is maneuvering toassign by forcegave its citizenship to the inhabitants of Zaporijia, one of the regions that recently a disputed referendum on accession to Russia. “The lack of massive demand for Russian passports in the temporarily occupied regions (…) has led them to take the decision to automatically impose Russian citizenship strong>to the residents of these territories”, affirmed Dimitro Orlov, the mayor of Energodar, city of Zaporizhia Oblast. Orlov's announcement is a response to the Russian authorities who stated that as of October 30 they would consider all residents of the city as Russian citizens, as explained by the mayor himself in his Telegram profile. “Whoever wants to renounce this 'citizenship', will have to write a statement to the migration service of the Russian Federation in his own handwriting. as transmitted by the invaders,” he commented.

4 hours ago

South Korea denies providing arms to Ukraine

< p>The president ofSouth Korea,Yoon Suk Yeol, denied this Friday that Seoul has provided weapons to Ukraine, after his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, warned about the negative consequences for relations between the two countries in the event that Yoon had approved the shipment of military material tokyiv. “We have provided humanitarian and peaceful assistance to Ukraine, in solidarity with the international community, but never lethal weaponsor anything like that,” Yoon said. Of course, he clarified Seúl yes has sent bulletproof vests, helmets, tents, blankets and other medical supplies. “It is a question of our sovereignty, and I would like them to overcome the fact that we are trying to maintain good and peaceful relations with all the countries of the world, including Russia,” he claimed. Russian media published on Thursday that Putin knew that South Korea had decided to supply arms and ammunitionto Ukraine, a measure by which Seoul would “destroy the relationship” with Moscow, as he had declared at an international meeting with Russian experts held in the capital Russian. The Russian head of state, however, qualified relations with the South Korean administration as “friendly”.

5 hours ago

 The IAEA declares its frustration at the slow pace in establishing a safe zone in Zaporizhia

The head of the Nuclear Agency for Atomic Energy ;mica (IAEA), Rafael Mariano Grossi, declared himself exasperated this Friday at the lack of progress in establishing a protection zone around the Nuclear Power Plant of Zaporiyia, one of the fighting centers of the Ukrainian war. The facility has been in danger for months due to the proximity of the fighting between Moscow, which maintains effective control over the facilities, although Ukrainian specialists also work there, and kyiv. Both countries hold each other responsible for attacks that on more than one occasion have disconnected the plant, the largest in Europe, of the electrical network and seriously threatened the operation of its reactors. “I'm very frustrated,” he lamented. or the head of the UN nuclear agency during an appearance this Friday at an event held in Washington by the Carnegie Center for International Peace, where he has declared himself dismayed by the ignorance shown so far in this regard. “In my opinion, the establishment of a protection zonearound a nuclear power plant is the most self-evident thing. “For God's sake,” he reiterated in his speech, “how can you bomb a nuclear plant?”

Ago < strong>14 hours

“Exclusion zone” in Kherson

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, has accused Moscow of of pressuring the doctors to leave the annexed Kherson for Russia, of dismantling the health services in the region and wanting to turn it into an “exclusion zone”.

“Before the arrival of Russia, this region, like all other regions of Ukraine, was completely normal and safe. All social services for people were guaranteed. Life was guaranteed,” he said.

On the other hand, Zelenski has stressed, in the context of the lack of health services, that some four million Ukrainians face energy restrictions in areas such as the capital, kyiv, as well as the city of Ukraine. as in Yitomir, Poltava, Rivne, Kharkov, Cherkasi, Sumy or Chernigov.

15 hours ago

< strong>Prisoner in Norway for spying in favor of Russia

The Justice of Norwayhas approved the imprisonment for four weeks of a man arrested earlier this week for allegedly , having spied on behalf of Russia, which represents a “threat“for the interests” of the Scandinavian country. According to investigations, the detainee was carrying a false passport indicating that he was a Brazilian national and was detained on his way to work at the University. from Tromso, in the north of the country.

17 hours ago

Zelensky invites Meloni

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has invited the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, to visit Ukraine this Friday during a telephone conversation in which the leader of the Brothers of Italy has renewed her support for kyiv.

Meloni has conveyed to Zelensky his desire to renew the grain export agreement he signed with Zelensky. He has agreed with Russia, with the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations, while at the same time expressing Italy's support for kyiv “within the framework of international alliances on the political, military, economic or humanitarian fronts.” /p>

17 hours ago

Canadian Sanctions

Canadian authorities; This Friday, 35 more people and six other companies related to the Russian government have been included as a response measure to the invasion of Ukraine, which began at the end of February, more than eight months ago.

< p>“Today we are adding 35 more people to this list, including influential leaders of the state-owned energy company Gazprom, and imposing sanctions on six companies in the energy sector,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. .

19 hours ago

More US military aid

United States announced this Friday the granting of a new package of military aidto Ukraine worth 275 million dollars. The deputy spokeswoman for the Pentagon, Sabrina Singh, detailed told a press conference that the new aid includes ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), in addition to 500 155-millimeter guided artillery shells and 2,000 pieces of ammunition for anti-armoured vehicles.

19 hours ago

New investigations into the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines

The Attorney General of the State of Sweden decided This Friday the realization of new investigations on the damage suffered by the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, located in the Baltic Sea, By the end of September. “I have decided, together with the security police, to carry out a series of complementary investigations at the scene of the crime,” he declared. the prosecutor in charge of the case, Mats Ljungqvist. The Swedish Armed Forces will collaborate in these investigations. Both the Swedish and Danish authorities have concluded in their preliminary analyzes that there were powerful explosions prior to the four leaks of methane gas in the gas pipelines, without for now there being an official indication of possible responsible.

21 hours ago

Revenues in NATO< /p>

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, and her Swedish counterpart, Ulf Kristersson, reaffirmed this Friday in Helsinki their commitment to enter NATO “hand in hand” and ruled out the possibility of following separate paths in their accession process. n to this body.

“I want to emphasize that Finland and Sweden are preparing to join NATO together. I think this is very important for the entire security environment in northern Europe,” he said. Marin at a joint press conference.

According to the Finnish president, the entry of both Nordic countries would strengthen the Atlantic Alliance as a whole and their entry should take place “simultaneously”, as has happened up to now with the entire accession process.

21 hours ago

Ukrainian advances< /p>

Despite the fact that time has begun to slow down the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the country's troops are advancing in the province of Luhansk, while repelling the persistent attacks by the Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group in the Bakhmut region, in Donetsk.

The head of the regional military administration, Sergiy Gaidai, declared this Friday that the Ukrainian troops advance “every day one, two or three kilometers” and added: that he hopes that the military command of the Army will soon communicate “good news”.

22 hours ago

Forced mobilization

Russia today terminated the partial mobilization decreed in September by President Vladimir Putin to reinforce the Russian Army in the military campaign in Ukraine .

Of the total of 300,000 called-up reservists, 82,000 have been sent to Ukraine to participate in the “special military operation”, the official reported. Sergey Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister, to Putin during a meeting offered by public television.

22 hours ago

The EU, against Putin

The European Union (EU) this Friday credibility to the declarations of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, that the world is going through the “most dangerous” since World War II, and considered that, in his mouth, “truth is false and false is true”. “For me, Putins speech is nothing more than ‘Orwellian,’” the community spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Nabila Massrali, during the daily press conference of the European Commission, in which she referred to because in the statements of the Russian leader “wrong is right, right is wrong”, and “truth is false and false is true”.

23 agohours

Recession in Russia

The Russian Central Bank (BCR) today kept the interest rate unchanged at 7.50 %, while improved your GDP forecasts for this year, now predicting a 3.5% to 3% recession, somewhat shallower than the 6% to 4% range it forecast last July. The board of directors of the BCR reviewed the He presented the macroeconomic data at his regular meeting this Friday, in which he indicated that in 2023 Russia will follow It is in recession with a contraction of between 1% and 4%, although it expects the economy to return to growth in the second half of next year.

1 day ago

Mental health

Russians spent 70% more than s of money in the purchase of antidepressantsin the first nine months of this year, coinciding with the Russian military campaign in Ukraine. In total, the Russians have spent some 5,000 million rubles (more than 80 million euros) on these drugs this year, according to the report. the Center for the Development of Leading Technologies to the TASS agency.

1 day ago

Energy crisis ;tica

The president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, assured this Friday that the European Union (EU) “will not be blackmailed” by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in the field of energy, and affirmed that that the community club is “determined” to end its dependence on Russian fossil fuels “once and for all and quickly.” “Putin is using fossil fuels as a weapon against Europe, but Europe will not be blackmailed, we will not compromise our values. We are determined to end our dependence on Russian fossil fuels once and for all and quick,” he declared. politics during today's EU summit on sustainable investment in Brussels.

1 day ago

The situation in Kherson

The head of the Russian administration of the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, Sergei Axiónov, affirmed that that the evacuation of civilians from the southern region of Kherson has been completed. “He has completed the work of organizing the departure of the inhabitants to the left bank of the Dnieper River, to safe regions of Russia,” he wrote. Axiónov on his Telegram channel.

1 day ago

Drone attacks< /p>

Ukraine has suffered since the beginning of the Russian invasion more than 8,000 air attacks, denounced Its president, Volodymyr Zelenski, to highlight the response capacity of its defenses, which in the last two days have shot down 23 drones. Russia is concentrating its drone strikes against critical and energy facilities, the Russian insisted. The Ukrainian leader in his usual video message broadcast last morning.

1 day ago

The situation in Chechnya

The lí The Chechen leader, Ramzán Kadírov, has recognized the death of 23 soldiersfrom the Chechen republic in Ukraine's southern Kherson region when units from one of its battalions were shelled this week. “Many people know that earlier this week one of the Chechen units was bombed. This happened in the Kherson region. All rescue operations on the site have been completed and there is a final list of dead and wounded,” he wrote. on his Telegram channel.

1 day ago

The situation in Kherson

Russian troops concentrate their efforts on keeping the occupied territory on the right bank from the Kherson region, where, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are strengthening. “The enemy is trying to hold the temporarily captured territories, concentrating its efforts on restricting the actions of the Defense Forces in certain directions,” he said. the General Staff in a message on Facebook collected by the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform.

1 day ago

A congressman invites Zelensky and Putin to Arizona to promote peace talks

Paul Gosar, Republican congressman for the state of Arizona, has invited Volodimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin, president of Ukraine and Russia, respectively, to the US city of Phoenix to promote peace talks. The congressman has urged, through a letter, the leaders of both countries to resolve their differences in Arizona to avoid more deaths and destruction, according to the Timcast media.

< p class="hour">1 day ago

South Korea denies providing weapons to Ukraine

The president of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, denied this Friday that Seoul had provided weapons to Ukraine, after his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, warned about the negative consequences for relations between the two countries. It was in the event that Yoon had approved the shipment of military equipment to kyiv. “We have provided humanitarian and peaceful assistance to Ukraine, in solidarity with the international community, but never lethal weapons or anything like that,” Yoon replied to questions from journalists.

1 day ago

Zelenski assures that “all the occupants” end up fleeing Ukraine

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, commemorated this Friday the 79th anniversary of the liberation of the country from the Nazi troops, assuring that Russia “will flee” He left Ukraine as “all the occupiers” do, further stating that the Ukrainians know that “the darkest night becomes the dawn”. “The day of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis on the 247th day of the war becomes a symbol: the result of our struggle is definitely the liberation of our Ukraine (… )”, he stated.

Ago 1 day

Concern at the IAEA

The director general of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, expressed his concern. today his “concern” about the possibility of “confusion” in the chain of command of the Ukrainian nuclear plant in Zaporizhia (ZNPP), controlled by Russia.

“At the ZNPP, Ukrainian personnel continue to operate the plant, but now there are more Russian technical personnel working on the site,” he stressed. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN nuclear agency, said in a statement.

1 day ago

G20 Summit

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has confirmed that the country will be represented at the next G20 summit, although he has not clarified if it will be. He who participates in the event or will delegate it. in some high official.

“We will think about how we will do it. Russia will definitely be represented there (at the G20 summit) at a high level,” Putin confirmed during his speech at a plenary meeting of the international discussion forum. Valdai.

1 day ago

Zelensky warns Russia

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has warned the Russian authorities that his troops in Kherson, one of the territories annexed by Russia, will be cornered by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to As the Ukrainian president has detailed in an interview for 'Corriere della Sera', Russia still does not control the region to the point of having the confidence to withdraw its troops from the place, but he has warned that if they do not and Ukraine is successful in its counteroffensive, “they will have no chance to get out.”

1 day ago

< strong>Russia asks to investigate biological weapons in Ukraine

Russia has asked the United Nations Security Council to investigate the participation of the United States in the alleged development of biological weapons in Ukraine , as reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Russia had no choice but to submit a complaint to the president of the UN Security Council to request the launch of an international investigation (on biological weapons), the Russian side explained, as reported by the TASS news agency.

1 day ago

Ukraine will reinforce its Defense< /p>

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has signed this Thursday a modification of the budget for the next year by virtue of which he will increase spending by more than 10,000 million euros in Defense.

Thus, the Ministry of Defense will be the The organism that receives the most of the increase, while the remaining percentage will be divided. among other security agencies in the country.

According to official figures, military spending in Ukraine has increased tenfold as a result of the war in the country, started by Russia at the end of the month of February.

1 day ago

Contraction of the Russian economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted a contraction. on Thursday a contraction of the national economy of between 2.8-2.9% for 2022, several points less than forecast at the beginning of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

“There will be an economic contraction this year. It will be about 2.8-2.9%,” Putin said during his speech at the plenary of the Valdai debate club.

His forecast coincides with the forecasts of the Government and the Central Bank, despite the strong impact of Western economic sanctions.

1 day ago; a

Putin, on China

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, denied Today, last February, he warned the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, about the imminent start of Russia's military campaign in Ukraine.

“No… We don't need it. We make sovereign decisions,” Putin said during his speech at the plenary session of the Valdai debating club. So Xi, whose government has condemned the Russian annexation of four Ukrainian regions, would have been angry about it.

1 day ago

Putin rules out a preventive nuclear attack

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, ruled out Today a possible preventive nuclear attack against Ukraine or the West, in response to the Kremlin's alleged plans to use weapons of mass destruction in the framework of the current military campaign in the neighboring country.

“No, I cannot imagine myself in the place of (Soviet leader Nikita) Khrushchev. In any case,” Putin said during the plenary session of the Valdai debate club in the Moscow region. ;, alluding to the Cuban missile crisis, which is now 60 years old.

1 day ago

Putin assures that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine does not make “political or military” sense for Russia

The Russian president explained this Thursday that a possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine does not make “political or military” sense for Russia, while at the same time he stressed that the threats about the use of this type of weapon are Western strategies. In this sense, he has recalled that the only country that has used nuclear weapons has been the United States.

1 day ago

The US defends its satellites

United States warned this Thursday to Russia that there will be consequences if you attack the satellites you use for communications.

“Any attack on our infrastructure will be met with an appropriate response from us. If such attacks occur, we will do everything we can to expose, stop and hold Russia accountable for it,” he warned. at a press conference John Kirby, one of the spokesmen for the White House.

Kirby reacted so to the threats he made. Russian senior official Konstantin Vorontsov spoke Wednesday, saying that the satellites of the United States and its allies could become a military target for Russia if they get involved in the war in Ukraine.

1 day ago

Ukraine returns to the OIV

Ukraine returns now, in the midst of the Russian invasion, to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) from which he came out. 14 years ago for failing to pay dues and became the 49th member country, among which is Russia has also claimed responsibility for the Crimean vineyards in recent years.

The OIV announced this Thursday in a statement that Ukraine will become He will return to one of the Member States, as he was between 1997 and 2008, next Sunday, just one month after his formal request for reinstatement, as contemplated by his statutes.

1 day ago

A firm US response to Russia

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned This Thursday to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that the response of the international community will be: “Significant” if it launches a nuclear attack.

“This is important to the world and we remain focused on ensuring that we do everything we can to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty, its territory,” Austin said. at a press conference at the Pentagon.

1 day ago

Russia, on the hunt of “propaganda”

The pro-Russian authorities of the Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia have reported that, based on the martial law in force in the territory, administration employees will be able to search the mobile phones of residents in search of of pro-Ukrainian “propaganda”.

As detailed on his Telegram channel by the spokesman for the pro-Russian authorities, Vladimir Rogov, this Thursday the “selective preventive checks” of the mobile devices of the citizens of Zaporizhia have begun.

” Subscriptions to propaganda resources of the kyiv terrorist regime are of interest. If a person is subscribed to propaganda resources, he will receive a warning the first time. In the future, violators will be fined “, he pointed out.

1 day ago

Russia-Iran Cooperation< /strong>

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has shown this Thursday his desire to strengthen cooperation with Iran in the fight against terrorism after an attack in the city of Shiraz, claimed by the Islamic State, which has claimed the lives of at least 15 people.

“It is hard to imagine a more cynical crime than the murder of civilians, including children and women, within the walls of a religious sanctuary. Once again we have seen that terrorism violates not only It is not the laws, but also the norms of human morality”, he explained in a letter to the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi.

1 ago day

Putin alert

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, affirmed that This Thursday the world is facing the “most dangerous and unpredictable” decade since World War II.

“The world is at a historical turning point, the most dangerous and unpredictable decade since the times of World War II awaits it,” said the head of the Kremlin speaking at the XIX plenary session of the Valdái debate club.

1 day ago

Putin speaks

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Today the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect “as soon as possible” Ukraine's nuclear facilities.

“We are in favor of it. And let them do it as soon as possible and in the widest possible way,” Putin said during the plenary session of the Valdai debate club, in relation to Ukraine's alleged plans to produce and use a dirty bomb

1 day ago

Twitter blocks the account of the Russian Foreign Ministry for a week< /strong>

The social network Twitter blocked, from this Thursday and for a week, the English account of the Russian Foreign Ministry, denounced the official. Today the spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zajárova. “The American information technology monopolists continue to actively cleanse the information field of any facts and arguments objectionable to the West,” he wrote. in a comment on her Telegram channel. Zajárova indicated what the reason is a ten-minute video in English that collects data on “the provocations organized by the kyiv regime in Bucha, Izium and Kupiansk”, where Russia has committed alleged war crimes, according to Ukraine, although Moscow he denies this and claims that they are scenes created on purpose to accuse the Kremlin. “Our counterparts abroad could not stand such 'freedom of expression' and free thought. Bottom line: access to the video is limited and the account itself is temporarily blocked,” he said. ;. “I would like to clarify with the administration of this platform whether measures have been applied to at least one call for violence against Russians and retaliation against Russian citizens,” he said.

1 day ago

Putin says the world faces the “most dangerous and unpredictable” decade

“The world is at a historical turning point, the most dangerous and unpredictable decade since the times of World War II awaits it,” said the head of the Kremlin speaking at the XIX plenary session of the Valdái debate club. During his speech, which lasted for more than half an hour and continued With a question session, the Russian leader did not spare words in criticizing the West and the unipolar world, which has come to an end, he said. “He who sows wind, reaps storms,” ​​he warned. However, the Western countries, he added. Putin, they will have to start talking “on an equal footing” with the rest of the world about “a common future.” “And the sooner they do it, the better,” he asserted. According to Putin, Russia as “an independent and unique civilization, has never considered itself and does not consider itself an enemy of the West.”

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