Laval police on the backs of criminals who “terrorize the population”

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La police de Laval on the back of criminals who “terrorize the population”

Jemsley Olivier Printemps Sanon, believed to be shooting at a car pictured above, has been charged with attempted murder, discharging a firearm with intent to harm and possession of a restricted firearm.

Half as many shots have been fired in Laval so far this year as at the same date in 2021, according to police data. Director Pierre Brochet claims to have taken the necessary steps to make armed criminals on his territory feel that they are not welcome.

Laval is a population of approximately 450,000. We have a core group of about fifty individuals who are violent and who walk around with firearms. On their own, they create a lot of insecurity, analyzes the Laval police chief.

The Laval police department has drawn up a positive report on the first annual report of the Paradox Project. Due to coordinated strategies on the ground with community and police partners, the number of shots fired has decreased by 52% in Laval compared to last year's figures at the same date, mentions the SPL.

Laval police estimate that 87% of firearm murder victims on its territory had links with a criminal organization or a street gang.

Our investigators in the field gave them the message that we would be on their backs. It's not true that a gang of bumswill come to make law and order in our city. We will manage to stop them. When they come out of prison, we will welcome them. We will also do follow-ups if they intend to reoffend, added Pierre Brochet.

Number of firearm discharges

  • 2022:13
  • 2021:27

Number of firearms seized

  • 2022: 39
  • 2021: 31

Number of firearms arrests

  • 2022 : 29
  • 2021 : 27

Number of casings found on the ground

  • 2022: 27
  • 2021: 124

The Laval Police Department says that 74% of shots fired in its territory in recent months have involved known or emerging street gangs. Other types of criminal organizations were responsible for 26% of armed violence.

When we know that individuals are involved in armed violence, we do not try to arrest them for possession of a prohibited weapon. We are going to hit them where they derive their income, which is used to finance their activities and to buy firearms, added Jean-François Rousselle, assistant director and head of criminal investigations at the Laval police.

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Laval police director Pierre Brochet with his assistant director, Jean-François Rousselle, in charge of criminal investigations.

Unsurprisingly, street gangs derive their income from fraud, sexual exploitation and the sale of narcotics. These are therefore the main criminal activities targeted by the police.

“Those bandits who are terrorizing our population need to feel that as police officers, we are not going to tolerate this.

— Pierre Brochet, Director of the Service de police de Laval

Criminal intelligence remains the most valuable tool for police officers. Laval police management does not hesitate to affirm that vehicle stops and stops remain essential to seize illegal weapons before they are used to commit violent crimes.

We have police officers who undergo ongoing behavioral training. We teach our police body language when an individual walks with a concealed weapon. We also know our subjects in criminal investigations. We are therefore not talking about racial profiling here but about criminal profiling, specifies the police chief.

From 2020 to 2021, nearly 70% of shootings occurred in broad daylight or during the evening. We weren't into night crimes anymore, like before. What is also new, as in other big cities, is to see minors, aged 16-17, armed and without criminal history. It is deplorable to see that many street veterans, who face adult sentences, recruit them to shoot in their place, added his assistant director, Jean-François Rousselle.

Laval police leadership met with media representatives to provide an update on gun violence.

  • Arrests: 45%
  • Interventions following a 911 call: 36%
  • Searches: 6%
  • Citizen reports : 6%

The Paradox Project has allowed the Laval police to join forces with 20 community organizations on its territory by sitting on the Laval Table on juvenile crime and urban violence.

The Laval police department claims to have organized 29 activities to bring the police closer to young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Over 11 focus groups with teens were held to talk about gun violence. Above all, the boxing project is one of the prides of the SPL management.

It is a project that is gaining popularity. Thanks to boxing, we are getting out of the criminality of young people in the judicial system. We want to change the experience they have with the police, rejoices Pierre Brochet.

Recently, the Service de police de Laval no longer hesitates to distribute photos of suspects accused of violent crimes committed with a firearm.

About ten years ago, we didn't make anything public, because we didn't want to contribute to the glorification of street gangs. Young people today glorify themselves with social media. We believe it is important to remind them that there are serious consequences for adopting the lifestyle of a criminal street gang, explained Pierre Brochet.


Laval police have released photos of Jonathan Estimé (right) and Jemsley Olivier Printemps Sanon (left) to remind young people of the consequences for those who are tempted to adopt the criminal lifestyle of street gangs.

< p class="e-p">As proof, the photo of Jemsley Olivier Printemps Sanon, 25, who allegedly shot in broad daylight on rue Dumouchel last May, was provided to the media last month.

Jonathan Estimé, arrested in July in possession of Glock pistols with high-capacity magazines, also suffered the same fate.

Although gun violence is volatile , regardless of the city, the Laval police attribute their positive record in terms of armed violence to the Centaure national strategy, which has made it possible to further consolidate the collaboration of police forces in Quebec in terms of investigations.

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