Laval police take stock of the major operation deployed Thursday morning

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The Laval police take stock of the major operation deployed Thursday morning

The operation mobilized 150 agents and officers from different police forces.

Police report Friday that the operation that allowed firearms and narcotics searches in Laval and the Lower Laurentians on Thursday led to significant seizures and the ;arrest of eight people.

Laval Police Service (SPL) specifies that among the substances and objects seized are several firearms and ammunition, tablets of illicit drugs , various narcotics, sums of money, cell phones and five motor vehicles.

Police add that further seizures, in connection with offence-related property, may be made later following their investigation.

The value of the seizures made on Thursday will be x27; amounts to over $500,000, according to SPL.

Seven men aged 26 and 77, as well as a 71-year-old woman, were arrested. These people were all released before returning to court to face charges of drug trafficking and possession of weapons. They are believed to be involved in organized crime.

More than 150 police were deployed early Thursday morning to neutralize the suspects and carry out searches.

The Laval Police Service benefited from the assistance of police officers from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and a few other municipal police forces.

Several incidents involving the x27;use of firearms have occurred over the past year on the territory of Laval. Less than two weeks ago, a shooting near Montmorency College, which caused a confinement of staff and students, was linked to a street gang according to what the head of the SPL, Pierre Brochet, confirmed.

The Mayor of Laval, Stéphane Boyer, recently spoke with the Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel, to ask him for financial support from the government of Quebec so that the Laval police have the necessary tools to break the wave of crime.

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