Lavrov asks the UN to facilitate the partial lifting of sanctions to be able to export grain

  • The Russian Foreign Minister claims to have received guarantees from António Guterres (UN) to negotiate the bans

Lavrov asks the UN to facilitate the partial lifting of sanctions to be able to export grain

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov,has asked the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to facilitate as far as possible the partial lifting of the sanctions on Moscow. for his invasion of Ukraine in order to resume Ukrainian grain exports and comply with the agreement signed on Friday in Istanbul.

In response to this request, Lavrov claims to have received guarantees from his own Guterresto negotiate these suspensions. “The UN Secretary General volunteered to achieve the suspension of these illegitimate restrictions and we hope that he will succeed,” he declared in Cairo (Egypt), where he is visit.


Although the sanctions do not affect the export of Russian food-the Istanbul agreement included a provision to lift warnings against the export of fertilizer – yes; In Lavrov's opinion, there are a series of strictly commercial impediments that make it difficult for Russia to participate in the agreement.

Thus, Lavrov has requested one more step to deactivate “illegitimate sanctions, which include insurance companies, access to foreign ports for ships and foreign ships to Russian ports,” according to statements collected by the Interfax agency.

The Russian Foreign Minister has reiterated “the commitment of Russian exporters of grain products with the fulfillment of all their obligations”, which may be affected by the Istanbul agreement.

It should be remembered that Russia launched on Saturday an attack on the port of Odesa, one of those mentioned in the agreement. Ukraine and the Western community have condemned the attack while Moscow has condemned the attack. has ensured that it was treated of a bombardment directed exclusively against military targets.


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