Lazy and incompetent: Stephen King criticized Trump in a conversation with pranksters from Russia


Lazy and incompetent: Stephen King criticized Trump in a conversation with pranksters from the Russian Federation

Pranksters Vovan and Lexus, under the guise of Zelensky, expressed fears that Trump could become president again USA. To this, the writer replied that there was no need to be afraid of this, because Americans were tired of Trump.

Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus (real names – Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov) spoke with the famous American writer Stephen King, introducing themselves as President Vladimir Zelensky. In a conversation, the author of horror novels called former US President Donald Trump a lazy and incompetent leader. The video of the pranksters was published on the Rutube site.

During the conversation, the pranksters thanked the United States and, in particular, the incumbent President Joe Biden for their assistance to Ukraine. And then they expressed concern that Trump could again become the head of the White House.

To this, Stephen King replied that in the United States, many politicians, such as Trump, have become performance actors, of which Americans are already tired. Therefore, you should not be afraid of his return.

“Everyone in this country is tired of Donald Trump … As a leader, he was lazy and incompetent. There are politicians in this country – like Donald Trump, who become performance actors. You were a performance actor. But you are doing a great job,” King replied.

Stephen King expressed support for the people of Ukraine on May 14 and tweeted that Russian President Vladimir Putin underestimated Ukraine. According to him, Putin thought that by unleashing a war in Ukraine, he was dealing with a lapdog, but in fact she turned out to be a wolverine.


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