League of Nations: Spain goes on vacation as leader

League of Nations: Spain goes on vacation as leader

Closing the season with victory and leadership. Double prize for Luis Enrique to go on vacation without the echo of the critics who await him at each match. Spain won. to the Czech Republicand Switzerland beat to Portugal, with which La Roja was able to unseat the leading neighbor. Spain has eight matches undefeated , of which four correspond to the League of Nations. Two are missing to conclude the first phase: against Switzerland (Saturday, September 24) and the visit to Portugal (September 27), which will be the second round. crucial to elucidate the winner.

The two draws have been followed by two victories in correspondence with an increasing level of play. The marker captured Spain's greatest success with respect to its rival. came back to score two goals, but this time he did not concede. none. Soler and Sarabia did not forgive on two very clear occasions, but the Czech Republic, finishing off equally, was left behind. dry. Unai Simón stopped much more than Ales Mandous, surprise goal of the Central Europeans instead of Vaclik.

Spain was able to start behind the scoreboard, and in the end it caressed. a broader victory with the vitality introduced by Gavi so that the team shielded the achievement of the three points. appeared in the end Sergio Busquets to avoid a last-minute scare, because the Czech team appeared before Simón, this time without the success that allowed him to win. draw the duel (2-2) from the previous Sunday. 

League of Nations: Spain goes on vacation as leader

Gavi escapes from Hlozek in a play in the second half,

Daniel Pérez/Efe

Ansu Fati, not a minute  

Eight players on each side repeated the duel played a week ago. Luis Enrique deleted The names of Gavi and Sarabia, they had always repeated. Only Simón has remained in all four formations. Ansu Fati, on the other hand, closed the concentration without having played a single minute. Luis Enrique's protective mantle has been so dense that it has kept him cornered on the bench, without giving him any minutes of competition despite the fact that he played with Barça ; The last five days with signs of being perfectly recovered.

GaviIt was the first substitution for Spain, in need of ingenuity and spark in the final third of the field, when they substituted. to Carlos Soler, the author of the 1-0 although he was losing gas alarmingly. The entrance of the Barcelona interior encouraged the fans. to the stands, who were waiting for him and cheered him on. since it appeared head from the bench. Sarabia was the third inning and scored. the reassuring 2-0 in a counterattack started by the azulgrana.

League of Nations: Spain goes on vacation as leader

Marcos Asensio withstands a push from Jemelka.

Jorge Guerrero/Afp

Simón, as always

Simon continued faithful to its share of prominence. Something natural because of the position it occupies, definitive. Along with the good interventions, which is why it is international, because of the quality it treasures, it left the flashy, Dantesque mistake, even if it didn't cost a goal, in a bad pass to Eric. In any case, he had previously prevented two goals and then aborted. two more. The balance returned to be positive, hence that it does not move from ownership.

The Czech Republic, who could have gone ahead with a goal, to squeeze in a kind of individual marking, each player with his Spanish pair, to make it difficult for the reds to build. That momentum lasted half an hour. A physical display that could not be sustained, no matter how athletic they may be, at the end of the season and under the suffocation of Malaga, also hot with the atmosphere that the city provided. after so long without seeing the team up close.

The Czech organization through the air with two long, crossed passes, above all precise, aimed at Marcos Asensio, fresh and ambitious after so many times on the bench in Madrid.played on the far right, in the position that he did not know how to keep as white. Received those balls with advantage and spaces and gave away two assists to Carlos Soler, who appeared with a crash in the visiting area arriving in the race from behind.

League of Nations: Spain goes on vacation as leader

Sarabia, alone, is about to clinch the ball to score the 2-0.

Daniel Pérez/Efe

The Valencian player's goal influenced much in the change that operated the match, between which Czechia had lost intensity and Spain calmed down. with the marker. The worst was over, but there was something that did not change: the defensive imbalances. Simon was put on the spot by the guards who were supposed to protect him. Carvajal and Marcos Alonso, the full-backs, gave in to Cerny and Pesek and Kuchta hit the ground running. a race starting from the midfield between Iñigo and Eric.

Luis Enrique has work left to do after the holidays. 

Technical sheet

Spain: Simón (7); Carvajal (4), Eric (5), Iñigo (5), Marcos Alonso (6); C. Soler (7), Rodrigo (6), Koke (6); Asensio (7), Morata (5), Olmo (5).

Technician: Luis Enrique Martínez (6).

Substitutions: Gavi (7) for Soler (m. 59); Ferran (5) by Morata (m. 59); Sarabia (7) by Asensio (d. 72); Busquets (s. c.) by Koke (d. 78); Alba (s. c.) by Alonso (d. 78).

Czech Republic: Mandous (5); Zima (6), Brabec (6), Jemelka (4); Coufal (6), Sadílek (5), Soucek (6), Zeleny (6); Cerny (7), Kuchta (5), Pesek (6).

Coach: Jaroslav Silhavy (6).

Substitutions: Král (6) for Sadí; lek (d. 29); Jurecka (5) by Kuchta (d. 59); Hlozek (4) by Cerny (d. 59); Tecl (s. c.) by Pesek (d. 79); Kalvach (s. c.) by Zeleny (m. 79).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 24), Soler finishes off coming from behind. 2-0 (m. 75), Sarabia, at an empty goal only near the far post.

Referee: Cüneyt Çakir (4) , Turkish.  

Cards: Carvajal (m 78).

Stadium: La Rosaleda (Má; laga).

Spectators: 30,389.

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