Learned the name of the first person infected with coronavirus in Wuhan

Стало известно имя первого человека, заразившегося коронавирусом в Ухане

First Chinese woman who contracted the coronavirus, was the saleswoman at the seafood market “huanan” in Wuhan — a woman by the name of Wei. About it reports newspaper “Penpal”.

It is noted that it is still unknown how exactly she got an infection.

The publication was also able to see a list of the first infected. According to these data, 24 people attended the market, “huanan”, four of them members of the same family.

It is known that Wei for a long time lived near the market. When she noticed at high temperature, turned to the clinic on the first floor of his house.

She told me that normally, she quickly recovered, but this time was worried, because even the injections didn’t help her to get rid of the ailments. When the woman went to another hospital, she was also unable to help.

16 Dec Wei came to the hospital “Xiehe” (Wuhan Union Hospital) when Grajonca University of science and technology. There she confirmed the presence of coronavirus.

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