Lech Wałęsa complains about the rampant price tag. “I have about PLN 12.13 thousand of the pension, but what is it”


Lech Wałęsa again complains about his financial situation.

 Lech Wałęsa complains about the rampant price tag. /> </p>
<p>As the “Super Express” website reminds us, recently each of us has been suffering from the rampant price tag related to high inflation. It turns out that it also affects Lech Wałęsa. The former president complains that the benefit he receives from ZUS is enough for him less and less and he has to earn some extra money. Fortunately, today traveling is no longer a problem, as most countries have lifted most of the anti -andemic restrictions. The legendary leader of “Solidarity” makes no secret that the 12 or 13 thousand he can count on is not enough “for the ex-president's appetite”. </p>
<p> <strong> Lech Wałęsa complains about inflation and retirement </strong> </p>
<p>Lech Wałęsa has repeatedly shown exceptional honesty in terms of his finances. When the world closed due to the pandemic, President Wałęsa lost the opportunity to earn extra money during lectures and lectures abroad. He also mentioned that it is not easy for him to make ends meet. </p>
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With the price raging high, the president complains that inflation is eating up the lion's share of his benefits. “I have a pension of about PLN 12.13 thousand, but what is the appetite of the former president,” he said in an interview with “Super Express”.

Fortunately, the lifting of a large part of the restrictions introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic allowed Lech Wałęsa to travel around the world and earn money. In the near future, the legendary restorer of “Solidarity” is to visit the United States, Mexico and France.

 Lech Wałęsa complains about a raging price tag.

He admitted that he needed to earn some extra money, because he was installing photovoltaic panels in his home in the near future, which entails considerable costs – even 150,000. zloty. Only in recent meetings in the United States earn 200,000. PLN.

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