Lefa and Bosh unveil Top Boy gang clip

Lefa and Bosh's “Top Boy” music video is available. We tell you everything.

Recently we invited you to discover the futuristic and original clip of Je suis Marseille the title of 13 Organized and we suggest you stay in the rap and clip theme with Lefa and Bosh. Yes, the two artists have collaborated together on Lefa's “Famous” album and the track is called “Top boy” . Yes, like the series and they were also inspired by it. If you haven't listened to the sound it's 100% gang track, a banger and the production is signed Young K. In short, it's very, very heavy! The clip has just been released and we invite you to discover it just below and then we will talk about it again in the rest of this article.

At melty we find that the clip fits perfectly with the song. We are in a gang atmosphere that allows us to immediately enter the theme from the first seconds. The connection between Lefa and Bosh is successful and we hope this will not be their first and last collaboration. While waiting to see what they have in store for us for the future, we are now going to take an interest in another essential duo of French rap … Leto and Ninho who have just released the clip for Macaroni in which they take us into two totally different atmospheres. different. We'll let you see it for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

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