Left without hair and with spots on her face: passion for solarium disfigured a woman and almost took her life


A woman from London (UK) said that she developed skin cancer on her head due to her addiction to the solarium. The New York Post gave more details.

I was left without hair and with spots on her face: passion for a solarium disfigured a woman and almost took her life

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Niki Murta started going to the solarium when she was in her early 20s and visited at least twice a week. But for the first time she noticed something was wrong in 2016, when she discovered an unhealed spot on her head under her hair.

“I went to the GP twice and they both assured me it was a cosmetic problem and it was just a cyst,” said the now 37-year-old mother of three. “They said that if I want it removed, I need to make an appointment.”

However, Nika's condition did not improve. By February 2018, the tumor had grown, but the doctor kept insisting it was a cyst.

Murta visited a dermatologist who expressed concern and ordered a biopsy. In May, it was revealed that the “cyst” was actually cancer.

“I work in a hospital, so I have seen a lot of cancer, but the word gives me goosebumps,” she admitted. “We didn’t even want to tell the kids.”

In December of the same year, Murta managed to remove the neoplasm and get a skin graft, however, the spot remained bald for a long time.

“I didn't sleep during the whole process and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life,” Murtha lamented.

Doctors were able to remove the cancer and also try to repair the damage to her face and hair. However, Niki still suffers from symptoms. She also has a skin condition called melasma, which is characterized by brown or blue-gray freckle-like spots on her face. Whenever she goes out into the sun, the spots reappear.

“I don’t like how I look now, but these are my battle scars and an eternal reminder that I have a life, so I will do my best to educate society about cancer,” she assured.

Murta opened up about her situation on TikTok to raise awareness for skin cancer, and several of her followers called her very brave.

“You're amazing! Thank you for posting this video, which really opened my eyes: I throw away my suntan lotion,” one user commented.

did not use the solarium, but wanted to. Thanks for making me change my mind,” wrote another.

Murta also faced backlash for her videos, with some people calling her conceited and chiding her for being the one to blame. in what happened.

“Some people remind me that I did this to myself, that I'm conceited and deserve it,” said Murta. “I'm lucky that I only have scars and still have life, so I'll use it to save other people's lives.”


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