Legault considers himself a victim of perceptions since the resignation of the CEO of Hydro-Québec

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Legault considers himself a victim of perceptions since the resignation of the CEO of Hydro-Québec

Quebec Premier François Legault says there is not a clan that defends the interests of Quebecers and another that defends the interests of companies. There is only one clan working for the benefit of the community, he says.

A week after Hydro-Quebec CEO Sophie Brochu announced her resignation, François Legault made a point of explaining that he will not sell electricity at a discount to companies to attract them to Quebec . The Prime Minister assures that he will ensure that the benefits for the province are greater than the tariff advantages granted.

Before the journalists he had summoned on Wednesday, Prime Minister Legault insisted on the nature of his intentions: Me, when I get up in the morning, I work for the benefit of Quebecers first. Not for the benefit, first of all, of companies.

And it's the same thing for Pierre Fitzgibbon [Minister of the Economy, the x27;Innovation and Energy], he continued. It's the same for Sophie Brochu and it's the same for the next president of Hydro-Québec.

Asked why he felt the need to make this clarification, Mr. Legault explained that he had read and heard all kinds of things since the resignation of Ms. Brochu, which will take effect on April 11.

“There are not two clans in Quebec: the clan that defends the interests of Quebecers and the clan that defends the interests companies. There is just a clan that works, first, for the benefit of the citizens. »

— François Legault, Premier of Quebec

It's unfair, said Mr. Legault, referring to comments made in the wake of Ms. Leaflet. When you work in the interest of Quebecers, you have to, in some cases, work with certain companies, he said.

In announcing her departure from Hydro-Québec two years before the end of her term, Sophie Brochu said last week that it was not a political decision. She also ruled out the possibility that alleged tensions with Minister Fitzgibbon may have motivated her decision.

However, last fall, Ms. Brochu admitted to having questions about the governance of the state-owned company. In addition, her statement that Hydro-Québec should not become the Dollarama of electricity had fueled rumors that she did not share Minister Fitzgibbon's vision of how Quebec will respond to the apprehended shortage of electricity.

The disagreements between Ms. Brochu and Minister Fitzgibbon reportedly concerned the approval of major industrial projects contrary to Quebec's environmental objectives.

Returning Wednesday to this statement that Quebec could become the Dollarama of electricity, François Legault said he believed that Sophie Brochu would not repeat that today. Because, he says, we have had time to explain ourselves since that time.

The meeting bringing together Sophie Brochu and, among others, the Minister Fitzgibbon allowed the following consensus to be reached, says Mr. Legault: Hydro-Québec should never sign a contract if the discount given is greater than the additional revenue that the Quebec state will derive from it.

More information to come.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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