Legislative: purchasing power and pensions at the center of a debate between Together!, the RN and the Nupes


Legislative: purchasing power and pensions at the center of a debate between Together!, the RN and the Nupes

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Gabriel Attal for the majority, Clémentine Autain for the Nupes and Jordan Bardella for the RN clashed Thursday evening on purchasing power and pensions, during the only debate organized by BFMTV between the two rounds of the legislative elections.

Addressing at the start of the program the displacement of Emmanuel Macron in Ukraine, LFI MP Clémentine Autain wondered “about the calendar, a few days from the second round”: “did Emmanuel Macron think it was a simple formality or did he want to dodge the debate?”

RN acting president Jordan Bardella said it was “bad timing”. “We have a bit of the feeling that the President of the Republic does not like electoral campaigns”, and “the French say to themselves: is this president interested in us?” he launched.

“More than an image, it's an important moment,” replied the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal, who immediately accused the heads of LFI Jean-Luc Mélenchon and RN Marine Le Pen of having “opposed what 'we support the Ukrainians', prompting protests from his opponents. “Falsification of our positions”, replied Clémentine Autain.

On purchasing power, the debate quickly became quite technical. “We want to make the profiteers of the crisis pay,” said Clémentine Autain, who defended the idea of ​​creating 14 tax brackets so that “those who earn less than 4,000 euros per person come out a winner”.

< p>LFI “it's Venezuela” launched Jordan Bardella by defending four proposals: reduction of VAT to 5.5% on energy, basket of 100 basic necessities exempt from VAT, reindexing of pensions on inflation and salary increase.

Gabriel Attal defended him a “law on purchasing power” in particular to “raise pensions by 4% from July” and initiate “tax cuts”.

On pensions Jordan Bardella accused the majority of “wanting to make a worker work longer than a manager”, castigating an “unfair” and “brutal” model.

“Our project is retirement at 60”, and “no one will leave with less than 1,100 euros”, assured Clémentine Autain.

“The real difference between you and us it is that we assume to say how we are going to finance the expenses”, replied Gabriel Attal, assuring that the reform would be done “over ten years” and “in consultation with the social partners”.

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