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Legislative: what is Plan Procu, the site that offers you a Tinder-style voting proxy ?

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To everyone's surprise, crucial legislative elections will take place on June 30 and July 7 in France. While these ballots will be held on atypical dates, proxy votes should be quite numerous.

An initiative to be welcomed

The Plan Procu site, launched for the last European elections, could prove very useful in this regard. This portal created by the association “Voted” intends to fight against abstention by allowing citizens to find a voter likely to vote for them based on their location.

Concretely, you must first fill out a form (a very simple process). You will then be able to match with a voter living nearby. The two users are then notified by email and a Cerfa form is automatically produced so that it can be quickly submitted to the police station by the voter who gives their proxy, reports BFM.

The two voters can then discuss online or in person to agree on their choices. Obviously, it is a relationship of trust between the two citizens in question and there is no guarantee that the person voting will respect your request. Aware of the risks of manipulation by activists, the platform nevertheless monitors dubious developments, and in particular the massive arrival of new registrants over short periods of time.

As always in such cases, the question of personal data arises. On its site, the association wants to be reassuring on this subject:

The personal information that you entrust to us is protected and will the object of reasoned use according to the consent that you have defined. Your electoral data (voter number, polling station, municipality and department) will be permanently deleted at the end of the campaign.

In any case, voters seem seduced by this initiative. According to the figures from Libération, Plan Procu would have enabled 1,500 political meetings between donors and proxy holders. It’s a safe bet that the movement will further intensify due to the media coverage of the site and its virality on social networks.

Apps to involve young people in politics

Technological initiatives aimed at promoting voting and information for citizens, particularly the youngest, have been increasing for several years. For example, we told you last week about the Adeno application, available on Android and iOS, which allows you to position yourself in relation to the positions of seven main political groups in the EU. You can reread our article on this subject here.

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