LEGO has created figurines dedicated to the Ukrainian military


The Brothers Brick has designed LEGO figures in the form of Ukrainian female soldiers. Ukrayinska Pravda writes about this.

LEGO created figurines dedicated to Ukrainian military

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The heroes of the collection are paramedics Alina Mikhailova and Kateryna Galushka, as well as servicewoman Anna Arkhipova.

This was reported by Andrew Beecraft – the founder of the company and editor-in-chief of the news site The Brothers Brick.

“LEGO versions of some of the many amazing women defending Ukraine. My grandfather was an American medic in World War II, and I have deep respect for the combat medics and others who are now fighting Russian occupiers in Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!” Beecraft signed his Twitter post.

The Brothers Brick specializes in melting down existing figurines and designs historically accurate military figurines.

< p class="p1">This time, three Ukrainian defenders became the prototypes of the figurine collection:

  • Alina Mikhailova – military officer of the 1st separate assault company of the GUK PS;
  • Anna Arkhipova, soldier of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade Kholodny Yar;
  • Ekaterina Galushka, paramedic of the Hospitallers battalion.

However, in addition to paramedic figures, Beecraft created LEGO versions of other representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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