Lenovo unveils bezels that double as a second screen

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Lenovo unveils glasses that transform into a second screen

The T1 glasses will enable an immersive environment for movies.

Lenovo on Thursday unveiled a pair of glasses that can be connected to a computer to achieve a more immersive while watching a movie or a series, or to get a second screen during work sessions.

The T1 glasses, as they are called, are equipped with a miniature screen in each glass which allows the person wearing them to watch their film without being disturbed by what may be happening around them 'she. People around cannot see this screen.

Lenovo wanted to remind you that these glasses limit vision to the screen only. It is impossible, even dangerous, to go about your business or move around while using T1s. These glasses cannot be used as a replacement for a virtual reality headset either.

The glasses are compatible with all devices with a USB-C type port. Bluetooth connection not available, Apple customers will need to purchase an adapter to use these glasses with an iPhone.

Lenovo's T1 glasses will be launched in China by the end of the year before arriving in other countries in 2023.

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