Lens – Lille: no winner in this 116th Northern derby, the summary of the match

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“Lens – Lille: no winner in this 116th North derby, the summary of the match”

Lens - Lille : no winner in this 116th Northern derby, the summary of the match

Lens and Lille parted ways with a draw (1-1) after a match of very good invoice where; Brice Samba saved the Sang et Or in this 116th North derby this Saturday, March 4 at the occasion of the 26th day of Ligue 1.

Lens - Lille : no winner in this 116th Northern derby, the summary of the match

RC Lens 1 : 1 Fonte, José 41’ – RC LensDavid, Jonathan 69’ – Lille CSO

Lens - Lille: no winner in this 116th Northern derby, the summary of the match

Lille OSC Live

19 :10 – The summary of the game

Lens and Lille leave in a lively draw (1-1). The Blood and Gold have begun; the meeting with more intensity than their greatest enemies. Franck Haise's men largely dominated; and a first hard blow slowed down Lille even more since Tiago Djalo will be injured after having planted; his foot in the lawn (13th). Alexsandro replaces him and he will be terminated. contribution as well as his defense teammates. Lucas Chevalier made several decisive saves in front of Loïs Openda in particular. But the Lensoise domination will finally be concretized by a Lille player. Indeed, Angelo Fulgini takes care of an eccentric free kick. and it's José Cast iron which inadvertently deflects the ball into its own cages (41st). This goal before the return from the locker room could have hurt Lille, but they will return to the pitch with much better intentions. And they will be rewarded just before the start of the last 20 minutes. Jonathan David manages to push the ball into the back of the net the end of an exceptional double parade by Brice Samba (69th). The Lensois doorman will again be suspended. contribution a few minutes later on a clever deviation from Benjamin André; (78th) then on Cabella's shot at close range (79th). The former OM goalkeeper is not going to stop there and multiplies the exploits at the end of the match and on the last Lille attempt signed Zhegrova, Brice Samba allows the Sang et Or to snatch a point (90th+1). In the standings, the Sang et Or temporarily go back to the 3rd place while the LOSC remains at agrave; 6th position. 

18:58 – Lens goes back on the podium

After this Lens – Lille, the Sang et Or temporarily go back on the podium in Ligue 1 and returns ahead of AS Monaco who will play tomorrow on the lawn of Troyes. For its part, the LOSC returns to; a short length from Rennes, 5th, which hosts OM this Sunday evening. 

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18:53 – No winner to be won! Lens (1-1)

RC Lens resisted. somehow: At the end of this confrontation, possession of the ball is indeed largely in favor of Lille OSC (62% against 38% for RC Lens), which has moreover been created. the most serious chances with 5 shots on target against 3 shots on target for RC Lens, but had to settle for a draw.

18:49 – Samba saves Lens!

Another exceptional stoppage by Brice Samba who saves his team in this Lens – Lille after an ultra-fast sequence from Zhegrova. 

18:48 – Four extra minutes

Four more minutes are added in this Lens – Lille. Both teams are still back to back; back. 

18:47 – Bamba remains on the ground

After a bitter duel between Bamba and Fofana, the Lille player remains on the ground. The LOSC winger will finally get up fairly quickly. 

18:43 – Double change for LOSC

Lille striker Jonathan David gives way to Mohamed Bayo while Carlos Baleba replaces Angel Gomes for the last minutes of this Lens – Lille. 

18:39 – Fofana misses the target

Jose Fonte pushes back with a header in the middle but Seko Fofana arrives and volleys back but the Ivorian lacks precision. 

18:38 – Samba again!

Brice Samba makes another exceptional save and keeps the Blood and Gold at bay. height in this Lens – Lille after an axial strike from Rémy Cabella which had been ideally served by Gudmundsson in the background. 

6:37 p.m. – What a Samba tap!

On a finely played free kick; by Zhegrova at the near post, Benjamin André; deflects with the inside of the foot but Brice Samba makes a great save. 

18:34 – A new change in this Lens – Lille

Franck Haise makes a second change in this Lens – Lille with the exit of Florian Sotoca who is replaced. by David Perreira Da Costa. 

18:30 – Zhegrova replaces Gomes

Here is the second Lille change in this Lens – Lille with the entry ;e from Zhegrova to; Place d'André Gomes. 

18:29 – Goal: Lille OSC equalize (1-1)! zero to the 69th minute of play in this 2nd half. The match is restarted. for Lille residents. The score is from 1 to 2. 1 at the Bollaert-Delelis Stadium!

18:27 – Samba had done everything

How cruel it is for Brice Samba who had rejected two Lille attempts before Jonathan David manages to; push the ball into the back of the net. The Mastiffs logically return to; height of the Sang et Or in this Lens – Lille. 

18:26 – Fulgini gives way

Franck Haise draws his first change in this Lens – Lille with the exit of Angelo Fulgini, involved; on the goal, which is replaced by Deiver Machado. 

18:25 – Fofana unscrews

Adrien Thomasson gives a good ball in the axis towards Fofana but the Lensois captain completely unscrews his shot. take the ball

Jonathan David could have gone to goal on this quick counter from Lille but the Canadian did not manage to score; take the ball the right way. 

18:18 – The hour of play is reached

The hour of play for this Lens – Lille has been reached and, for the moment, the Sang et Or are leading in the score after the goal against his camp by José; Cast iron before returning to the locker room. But the Mastiffs are better in this second act and could return to; height. 

18:15 – Fonte is on the trajectory

After a successful counter for Fofana, the Lensois midfielder hits but crushes this last and Jose Fonte deflects for a corner. 

18:13 – What an opportunity for Lille!

After an excellent shift from Alexsandro, Bamba gives back for Cabella who strikes. The former Marseillais sees his shot deflected and fail at the foot of the left post of Brice Samba. Finally Jonathan David is flagged for offside. But the Dogues are playing better in this second period of Lens – Lille. 

18:12 – Nice sequence of Openda

Loïs Openda finds himself in the surface after a failed throw-in which turns into control and tries to deceive Chevalier with a recovery but his ball ends up in the outside net of the Lille goal. 

18:07 – A corner for Lille

Angel Gomes tries to find a partner in the center but Kevin Danso is on the line and deflects for a corner. Lille have better intentions in this second period of Lens – Lille. 

6:05 p.m. higher

From the first seconds of this second period of Lens – Lille, the Mastiffs are higher and approach the surface of Samba but do not find the technical accuracy for it ;to worry. 

18:04 – After the Corons, place for football

After the Corons intoned by the supporters lensois àgrave; the break of this Lens – Lille, the 22 players returned to the lawn for the North derby. No changes have been made. done. 

18:03 – Start of the 2nd half

The kick-off of the 2nd half comes from ; to be given by Francois Letexier, at the Bollaert-Delelis Stadium. The score is 1-0.


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