Leonardo DiCaprio had to defend for five million through the forests of the Amazon (PHOTOS)

Леонардо Ди Каприо пришлось оправдываться за пятимиллионную помощь лесам Амазонии (ФОТО)

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro accused the actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the financing of organisations which are suspected of intentional arson of the Amazon forest. According to police, at least three such non-profit organizations – Brigada Alter do Chão, Alter do Chão Aquíferos and Saûde Projeto e Alegria, arranged a fire for the sake of money.

Under the version of militiamen, shortly after the outbreak of fires in the Amazon, these organizations have signed contracts with the world Fund of protection of wild nature (WWF) and was able to sell ecoactivist photos that are used in a campaign to raise funds for the fight against natural disaster.

“What did NKO? The easiest thing to do? To set fire to the forest. To photograph, take video. World wildlife Fund launches campaign against Brazil, associated with Leonardo DiCaprio, and he donates 500 thousand dollars. Part of this received people set fire to the forest. Leonardo DiCaprio, you give money to the fires in the Amazon, that’s not right,” said Bolsonaro not present any evidence (quoted by the Russian service of the BBC).

DiCaprio said the AP that his organization Earth Alliance has allocated $ 5 million of NCOs who took part in liquidation of fires, but none of them were groups, which is a consequence of the suspects with intentional arson. “At stake is the future of these unique ecosystems, and I am proud to be on the side of their defenders”, – said the actor.

The accusations against DiCaprio came amid a police operation in the headquarters of two non-profit organizations in the state of pará and detention of four fire Department volunteers charged with intentional arson. Human rights activists, NGOs and opponents Bolsonaro said that these people are detained for political reasons.

Volunteers detainees denied the charges, and later released them, finding no grounds for arrest. The state’s attorney’s office indicated that the version of the local law enforcement at odds with the data of a Federal investigation. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s office, arson could deal with farmers and people earning illegal logging.

Bolsonaro and his government in connection with large-scale forest fires poderlos criticized for inadequate attention to environmental protection. Brazilian authorities claim that the fires caused partly natural seasonal reasons, partly deliberate arson.

Fires in the Amazon embroil the Brazilian President with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. The last named fires in the forests, often called the “lungs” of the planet, the international crisis and suggested discussing this topic at the August summit of the G7. Bolsonaro in response accused the Makron in colonialism and that he’s trying to score political points on the “internal Affairs” of Brazil. Bolsonaro also laughed a mocking photo collage with a picture of the first lady of France. From the assistance of the countries “the big seven” have expressed a willingness to provide Brazil 22 million dollars to fight fires, the country refused.

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