Les Apprentis 5: “it's starting to get heavy”, Thibault talks about the relationship between Paga and Giuseppa


The Apprentices 5: “”çit begins to become heavy”, Thibault evokes the relationship between Paga and Giuseppa

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The love story between Paga and Giuseppa once again punctuated the episode of Apprentis Aventuriers 5. But in that of Friday June 17, 2022, Thibault showed his annoyance. All the details here.

Since the start of the Apprentis Aventuriers 5 adventure, nothing has gone right between Paga and Giuseppa. The couple reproaches each other a lot and daily disputes resurface. So when lack of sleep and hunger get involved, it goes very quickly in the rounds between the two W9 candidates. And Paga feels like he's at a point of no return with Giuseppa. He feels like she doesn’t love him like she used to. He even thinks he loves her more than her. And then, he's tired of always coming off as the bad guy in their relationship. For his part, Giuseppa would like Paga to question himself a little.

For Paga, the bleeding must be stopped… He feels that Giuseppano longer wants to, so for him, we have to stop there. Even if it’s not what he wants and the situation hurts him a lot. Words very difficult to pronounce that touched Thibault Garciaand Jessica Thivenin who cried about it. And for this new night, Paga sleeps with the reds. But the night is very short for him. And in the early morning, he sees that Giuseppa is isolated on the beach. He leaves to find her, but the discussion still turns sour. And they argue… again!

Paga and Giuseppa about to give up!

Paga then lets Giuseppa know that if it’s over between them, he will ring the bell. It is out of the question for him to stay on the beach if he is no longer with her. Already he has agreed to return to the adventure for love! Giuseppa absolutely does not prevent him from going to ring the bell of abandonment! Thibault and Jessica intervene to calm Paga down. And for the young dad, his friend did it wrong… He should have left Giuseppa alone. She needs to breathe. In an interview, Thibault says that “it's starting to get heavy”. Paga therefore decides to distance himself!