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Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5: “they like to get confused”, Nicolo and Virginie annoy all the candidates

Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5: “ they like getting confused”, Nicolo and Virginie annoy all the candidates

Nicolo and Virginie begin to annoy more and more candidates from Apprentis Aventuriers 5. They blame the scabs for not doing much! We tell you everything here.

From the start of the Apprentis Aventuriers 5 adventure, Nicolo and Virginie have alienated the Reds team .Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garciablamed their comrades for not doing much… While they make the fire or go get something to eat, the yolks take it easy. But until now, only the reds thought that. But the more time passes, the more the yellows annoy the other W9 candidates. It’s first Kelegh who let it be known that he didn’t like the behavior of Virginie and Nicolo. And in the Apprentis Aventuriers 5 episode of Thursday, June 9, 2022, tongues started to loosen!

It turns out that after a new test to win pearls, the candidates returned to the beach. And directly, they activated themselves to maintain the fire. They also started foraging by going crabbing. While everyone was bustling around, two people weren't there. It’s about Virginie and Nicolo! The latter were quietly bathing. Kelegh then rose up, swinging: “Is this a joke? It’s crazy brother! (…) They are on vacation.For his part, Paga made it known that he was very disappointed with the yellows.

Paga refuses to share the fire with the yellows

For Paga, Nicolo and Virginie only like arguments. He states: “They like it to mess up, they like it. I’ve never seen him fish or do anything. Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin let their comrades know that they always said it from the start. Annoyed, Paga tells Virginie that they will have to make their own fire to eat. He is fed up with the All Inclusive atmosphere. Virginie defends herself by saying that she is a woman and that for her, fire is a man’s job. Regarding crabbing, she's a vegetarian, so she won't!

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