Lesya Nikityuk lit firm butt in skimpy bikini

Lesya Nikityuk able to work productively and resting well, and sometimes combines the first and the second, as, for example, during a trip to Prague. The media personality went to the launch of the latest famous car brand, but managed to spend time with mom and have fun with Kateryna Kuhar and her husband Alexander Stoyanov. Whenever possible, Lady Le also “escapes” from Kiev – even for a short while, but time to relax and time to reboot. So leading has published in Instagram a sexy beach photo, which showed the elastic “hard”.

Леся Никитюк засветила упругие ягодицы в откровенном бикини

Lady Le decided to take a sun bath. She lies on her stomach and taking a selfie. It turned out very hot! For a beautiful and even tan she removed the bra of swimsuit and stayed in a tiny bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret. She hid the eyes with dark glasses the original sunglasses.

“Dear talocci. Ugadaite Yak castino TLA NOT BE vistavlyali in the hot sun NIKOLI?? Right FACE!! FACE on fashion. And chogo? Bo will Stari photoscan andate. I seryozno! Think about CIM!” — she turned to her podeschi.

Fans Lesi listened to her advice and reminded one another about the “problem” area that is hidden from direct sunlight – chest. Not without compliments appetizing forms stars.

  • Ass
  • Super photo, the angle, next summer and make yourself
  • The priest class
  • Beautiful hard
  • Good angle
  • The beauty of Les, duzhe Garni
  • Juicy photo
  • The coolest blonde
  • Les! You freaky! Cool! Class!
  • Gorgeous
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