Let's go for MTL Connecte, a week dedicated to digital in Montreal

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Let's go for MTL Connecte, a week dedicated to digital in Montreal

For four years, MTL Connecte, which is organized by Printemps numérique, has been exploring the digital field in Montreal. (archive)

Montreal Digital Week, also called MTL Connecte, is back in the Quebec metropolis for a fourth year. The event takes place under the sign of digital “generating wealth” and “resilience” for ecosystems, with the theme “ECO (systems) of hope”.

The kick-off is given on Sunday afternoon at the University of Montreal, with a concert offered to the general public by the Orchester 21. The show will be animated by projections and light effects that will be generated by computer according to the movements of chef Paolo Bellomia.

Throughout the week, people working in the technological field will be able to attend a series of conferences and activities on the themes of intelligence artificial intelligence (Can A.I. become benevolent?), digital identity (Computer breaches, data leaks, how to secure our digital future?), or even the future of the world of work (Equal opportunities, school to work).

More than a hundred specialists from the industry will be there.

The The public will also have access to the exhibition ECO(systems) of hope, presented from Tuesday October 18 to Sunday October 30 at l'Antéisme. You will find technological works by Marcela Armas, Ælab and Rosalie Dumont Gagné, who explore the ecology and creative imaginations of the future.

An evening of art and music at the Society for Arts and Technology Dome is also scheduled for Friday, October 21.

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