Licey visits the LISTÍN DIARIO

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  • Licey visits to the LISTÍN DIARIO

    Members of the central editorial staff of the LISTÍN DIARIO together with Ricardo Ravelo, president, and Emilio Bonifacio, captain of the Tigres del Licey and the trophy of 2022-23 champion.

Monday afternoon turned into a turmoil. The central newsroom of Listín Diario was lively and bustling.  

Dozens of supporters of the Tigres del Licey team left their offices and ran to the newsroom to take photos with Emilio Bonifacio – El Boni- and, above all, with the great champion trophy achieved by the Blues last week in their final against the Estrellas Orientales.    

Bonifacio was part of a group of three that toured the city. A courtesy visit was made to Listín, including club president Ricardo Ravelo and communications manager Ildefonso Ureña.  

The trio shared a meeting. interviews with the sports newsroom, Héctor J. Cruz, editor, and Pedro Briceño, editor.  

They also gave interviews for Listín Digital, by the journalists Saulo Mota and Javier Flores.  

Then the employees and journalists in general took photos with Bonifacio and the trophy.  

The visitors also attended. They donated caps to journalists. (more details in this edition, digitally and in print).  

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