Licey will start as a favorite in the final that starts tonight

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  • Licey will start as favorite in the final that starts tonight

    Raúl Valdé distinction of starting the first game of the final for Licey.

From tonight two old rivals, who have not seen each other for a long time Faced in the final series, they will collide head-on again.

Although it may seem strange, Estrellas and Licey, two sons of the first gestation of Summer baseball in 1951, will see each other in the final series. They will face each other in a final contest that will take place in the future. for just the fourth time in the history of Dominican baseball.

For many it would be incredible to think so, but it is so. and this confrontation that begins today in Quisqueya Juan Marichal between green and blue  what will it be only the first between the two since the Licey beat their rival 5-1 in the 1980 final, under the management of Del Crandall.

The statistics are so strange that of the group of actors who will be in the series, only Raúl Valdés, two years old, was alive at the time and since then the Tigers and the Eagles have faced each other a dozen times, while the cats have collided in four with the longhaired ones.

Simply between the traditional four it will be the best. the most successful of the teams, Licey with 22 scepters against the one that has lifted the trophy the least with just three. Raúl Valdés will be the opener of the cats, while Andy Otero will do it for the cats. by the Elephants.

What is certain is that both reach this final agreed to a 7-4 as the two hottest teams in it. The pachyderms with a streak of five wins and the cats with one of four.

The two were in charge of taking off what is considered the hardest-fought All Against All in history, the one that had four ties for the lead with everything and that its conclusion came to a close. without the need to resort to the last two dates.

But, what is the prognosis for this final that begins tonight between the two teams, whose venues are only 60 or 65 kilometers apart.

The Tigers beat them The particular series 4-1 to the Stars, both concluded with very hot offenses and more than effective pitching.

Los Paquidermos had Jeimer Candelario batting .424 (61-15) with three doubles, two home runs and 6 RBIs; Lewin Díaz .281 (57-16) with three doubles, three home runs and 11 RBIs; Gustavo Núñez .328 (61-20) three tubeyes and 6 RBIs;  Robinson Canó .246 (61-for-15) with 5 RBIs and there has even been the awakening of Junior Lake, who homered in the second half. on successive nights. The elephants culminated  with 12 homers the All Against All…

Licey is not far behind and in Jorge Alfaro .383 (60-23), two homers and nine RBIs),   Emilio Bonifacio .303 (66-20), two home runs and 13 RBIs) as well like Mel Rojas Jr. .314 (35-11) three home runs and seven RBIs made him raise Licey's batting average from 199 to .244 in a while and they were leaders in runs scored in the event with 76. The collective ERA was 2.90.

“We have a very balanced team, our offense has improved a lot and we hope it stays that way for the rest of the year. during the final. The pitching has continued to do its good job,” Audo Vicente said of the success of the Tigers.

While Félix Peguero, the manager of the Estrellas appreciated the success of the Tigers. This is the effort of the players who never gave up even in the most critical moments, those who had one foot out of the standings and a rebound like this changed the situation.

Who will win? Between Stars and Licey? Only fate will know, but in the meantime the majority favors the one who has won the most.


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