Lidom and Licey recognize Milton Morrison for supporting baseball

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  • Lidom and Licey recognize Milton Morrison for supporting baseball

    MIlton Morrison throws out the honor pitch of the fifth game of the series final. He is accompanied by Vitelio Mejía and Ricardo Ravelo, presidents of Lidom and Licey, respectively.

The general manager of Edesur Dominicana, Milton Morrison, was recognized by the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom) and the Tigres del Licey team for their support of the Winter Tournament and the Caribbean Series.

The recognitions to Milton Morrison were awarded after making the launch of honor this Wednesday, from the hands of Vitelio Mejía, president of Lidom; and Ricardo Ravelo Jana, president of the Licey “for their permanent concern, and constant support for the success of the winter tournaments, the Caribbean Series and the good progress of the Quisqueya Stadium.”

The current administration of Edesur since its inception has been supporting the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom) and the teams from the capital, Licey and Escogido, through agreements.

Milton Morrison has He explained that it responds to the government policy of President Luis Abinader, who has a deep commitment to national sports and athletes.

In two years and five months of management, the current Edesur administration has focused its support on sports, through the lighting and electrification of sports complexes throughout its concession area. , and has sponsored sporting events and athletes.

Edesur with sport

Among Edesur's actions in favor of sport, the lighting of the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadiums stands out, and Olympic Juan Pablo Duarte; and the Volleyball Pavilion of the National District, to which he also donated money. a transformer.

 The distributor has also illuminated and electrified stadiums for baseball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball courts in Rancho Arriba, Caballona, ​​Ocoa, Barahona, Azua, and others territories under their responsibility.

 In addition to the placement of new lights in support of the 2022 Caribbean Series, and for the third consecutive year the Winter Baseball Tournament with the creation of a special circuit to guarantee permanent power in the Quisqueya Stadium.

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