Ligue 1: the ranking after PSG – Nantes, all the results

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Ligue 1 : the ranking after PSG - Nantes, all the results

The match between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Nantes ended this Saturday, March 4, 2023 with a score of 4   2. All results, standings and the latest news on Ligue 1 live.

The essentials

After a week of the Coupe de France, the time has come. the resumption of the French Ligue 1 championship with the 26th day which could perhaps "seal" the title of PSG French champion… Follow with us live and in full; the day of Ligue 1 with highlights, results and standings.

Calendar of the 26th day of Ligue 1


10:00 – Will Monaco pull itself together?

AS Monaco is third. But AS Monaco took two blows to the head, being eliminated in the 1/6th finals of the Europa League and then suffering a crushing defeat still at hand. home against Nice. Will they recover? Get over it? Answer on the lawn of the 19th Trojans at the start of the 26th day and who are badly embarked on the battle of survival.  

04 /03/23 – 22:52 – PSG – Nantes: It's over to Paris (4-2)!

Paris Saint-Germain wins (4-2) and this success is deserved. in view of the statistics. With 67% possession of the ball, against 33% for FC Nantes, and 10 shots on target (5 for FC Nantes), Paris Saint-Germain indeed dominated; many areas of play during the match. PSG – Nantes live

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04/03/23 – 22:48 – PSG – Nantes: Another goal at the Parc des Princes for Paris Saint-Germain (4-2) !

Kylian Mbappe finds the flaw at; the 90th minute of play in this 2nd period and allows his teammates to take the lead in this duel against FC Nantes. The score goes to 4 to 2 at the Parc des Princes! PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 22:22 – PSG – Nantes: No penalty says the referee

66ᵉ. The decision fell for Paris Saint-Germain as the VAR was decided. required as a result of; a contentious gesture in the area: and there will be no penalty! The fault is not obvious enough for Jeremy Stinat! PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 10:21 p.m. – PSG – Nantes: Jeremy Stinat calls on the VAR!

65ᵉ. Are we heading for a penalty? Jeremy Stinat has a doubt about Paris Saint-Germain's latest action and will check with the video assistants. PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 22:19 – PSG – Nantes: Penalty for Paris Saint-Germain!

63ᵉ. The referee whistles a penalty in favor of Paris Saint-Germain. The score could soon evolve on the side of the game. from the Parc des Princes. PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 22:16 – PSG – Nantes: New goal signed Danilo Pereira at; Paris (3-2)!

Paris Saint-Germain take the lead! It is Danilo Pereira who manages to; put Parisians back on the right track thanks to; a head to the 60th minute of play. The scoreboard changes to; 3 to 2 in this 2nd half at the Parc des Princes. PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 22:02 – PSG – Nantes: Start of the 2nd half

The kick-off of the 2nd half has just been given by Jeremy Stinat, ` Paris. The score is 2-2. PSG – Nantes live

03/04/23 – 9:45 p.m. – PSG – Nantes: Half-time is in progress at; Paris

Paris Saint-Germain have control of the ball but are sorely lacking in efficiency. : to At the end of this first round, possession of the ball is largely at stake. the advantage of Paris Saint-Germain (63% against 37% for FC Nantes), which was however created fewer opportunities with 2 shots on target against 3 shots on target for FC Nantes, and who did not succeed in scoring. make the difference to the score (2-2). PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 21:37 – PSG – Nantes: Goal: FC Nantes regains the score (2-2)!

Nantes score a goal at the Parc des Princes. We are therefore at 2 to 2 in this encounter. PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 9:30 p.m. – PSG – Nantes: Goal: FC Nantes reduce their delay (2-1)!

Ludovic Blas closes the gap for FC Nantes in this duel against Paris Saint-Germain. We play the 31st minute of play in this 1st period. The score goes to 2 to 1 at the Parc des Princes. PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 9:16 p.m. – PSG – Nantes: And we double the bet for Paris Saint-Germain (2-0)!

Paris Saint-Germain go up a notch on the scoreboard with this goal which takes the score to a level. 2 to 0 at the Parc des Princes. PSG – Nantes live

03/04/23 – 9:12 p.m. – PSG – Nantes: Lionel Messi unlocks the counters Paris (1-0)!

1 to 0 at the Parc des Princes! Paris Saint-Germain open the scoring at; the 13th minute in this 1st period, with a goal from Lionel Messi, on a pass from Nuno Mendes. Nantes residents are obliged to react! PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 21:00 – PSG – Nantes: Kick off of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Nantes!< /h3>

The kick off of this confrontation between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Nantes, counting for the 26th day, was given by the referee of the meeting, at the Parc des Princes. PSG – Nantes live

04/03/23 – 6:53 p.m. – Lens – Lille: Lens and Lille did not manage to win. split (1-1)

The RC Lens bent; without breaking: at the end of this part, possession of the ball is indisputably at stake; the advantage of Lille OSC (62% against 38% for RC Lens), which is also created the most serious chances with 5 shots on target against 3 shots on target for RC Lens, but had to settle for nothing. Lens – Lille live

04/03/23 – 6:29 p.m. zero (1-1)!

That's it! a goal that changes everything: Lille OSC comes back to the score at agrave; the 69th minute of play in this 2nd half. It was Jonathan David who handed over the counters to; zero. We are at 1 to 1 at Bollaert-Delelis Stadium! Lens – Lille live

04/03/23 – 18:03 – Lens – Lille: Start of the 2nd half

The 2nd halftime starts between RC Lens and Lille OSC, at Lens, where Francois Letexier whistles the kick-off. The reminder of the score: 1-0. Lens – Lille live

04/03/23 – 17:49 – Lens – Lille: The players return to the locker room at the Stade Bollaert-Delelis

Lille OSC dominates territorially but in a sterile way: at the break, possession of the ball is slightly off; the advantage of Lille OSC (57% against 43%), but it was RC Lens who managed the most shots on target (3 against 1) and who took the advantage. the mark (1-0). Lens – Lille live

04/03/23 – 17:41 – Lens – Lille: Kevin Danso's first goal for RC Lens (1-0)!

This headed goal from Kevin Danso allows the Lensois to lead 1 to 3. 0, to the 41st minute in this 1st half. The counters are cleared at Stade Bollaert-Delelis and Lille OSC is now under pressure! Lens – Lille live

04/03/23 – 17:01 – Lens – Lille: Francois Letexier kicks off the match between RC Lens and Lille OSC!

The kick off of this duel between RC Lens and Lille OSC, counting for the 26th day of Ligue 1, was given by the referee of the match, àgrave; Lens. Lens – Lille live

04/03/23 – 14:00 – Bayern Munich in everyone's mind

PSG raised head after a tough and unusual time. They put the points back on the "i" by pulverizing Marseille 3-0 on February 26th. They have settled very comfortably at the top of Ligue 1 and above all they have found their way back to the top of the league. Mbappe. The attacker could Nantes, to become the top scorer in the history of PSG since he equaled Cavani at the Velodrome. But the Parisians will undoubtedly have their heads up. Munich. Defeats 1 to 2 0 on February 14 at the Parc des Princes by the German club in the round of 16 of the Champions League, Christophe Galtier's men will therefore play the return match, which in reality is similar to the second leg. for Paris as being the most important deadline of the year. 

04/03/23 – 12:00 – PSG – Nantes, the Parisians already have champ?

The question can be asked. By crushing OM, PSG took an 8-point lead over their runner-up and therefore almost put an end to the suspense. With the return of Kylian Mbappé, the team seems more transfigured. Barring an ultimate disaster, it is difficult to imagine the Parisians sinking into Ligue 1 and letting go of first place. Nantes could put themselves in slight danger for the rest of the Championship with a defeat at the Parc des Princes. The people of Nantes at; 28 points is not very far from the relegation zone. They would also be at 3 consecutive defeats if the capital club wins the hour. 

04/03/23 – 10:00 – Lens-Lille, the northern derby

Two places, six points and only 40km separate Lille from Lens. The Bollaert-Delelis Stadium will be this afternoon, in an atmosphere of full derby. crack. The Lensois despite the draw conceded to Montpellier took advantage of of the defeats of Monaco and Marseille. They're keeping up the pace and they're only a step away from it. two points from second place. Lille's results are more variable, but the Mastiffs also manage to do so. stay close to the top 5. 

03/03/23 – 22:51 – Nice – Auxerre: No winner at this point Nice (1-1)

OGC Nice lacks realism. At the end of this duel, the ball possession rate was clearly in his favor (64% – 36%), OGC Nice also obtained the most situations in front of the goal with 3 shots on target against 1 for AJ Auxerre, but however did not manage to snatch victory (1-1). Nice – Auxerre live

03/03/23 – 22:04 – Nice – Auxerre: Start of the 2nd period

The kick off for the 2nd half was given by the referee of the match, àgrave; Nice. The score is 1-1. Nice – Auxerre live

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Classification Ligue 1 2022-2023

Results of the 26th day of Ligue 1

Latest news on Ligue 1 football

What broadcast for Ligue 1 to ; TV?

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